Looking for pictures of painted table tops

HiDianeAugust 9, 2007


Does anyone have pictures of painted tabletops or links to them? I want to stain my kitchen table around the outer edge, and in a rectangle in the middle, with a black band all the way around - but in from the edge. Then I want to do some decorative painting on the black band but I haven't gotten inspired even though I have looked through oodles of painting books.

Thanks in advance : )


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Diane~ I did paint a table once, but never took a picture and it's long gone now. Your idea sounds nice. If you type in "painted table" on google images search it will bring up a ton of different styles and designs. I didn't see any like what you are describing to link for you, but maybe you can find something you like. Hope you'll share pics of your finished project. Good luck. :) ~Anj

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Thanks, Anj!

I googled imaged: "painted tables" "decorative painted tables" "rosemaling tables" "hindeloopen tables" "Hitchcock tables" (which inexplicably brought up a pic of Bush with a child)"bauernmalerei tables" and more... ack - I think I am overgoogled!

I didn't see what I was looking for :(

Some are too "cute" - and this is for my dining area... some are lovely - but beyond my painting abilities. I guess I don't want primitive... but that's all my painting looks like? LOL... I think I'll put some library books on painted furniture on hold.

Thanks again :)

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Sorry Diane. It sounds like you exhausted the search engines for sure. ha Maybe someone else will have some ideas for you. :) ~Anj

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I just found this table while surfing. May give some inspiration. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: painted table & chairs

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Thanks, Anj

I printed it out - it's very pretty :)


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