Solar Screen Painting

pezabelleAugust 25, 2011

As I mentioned over on the Conversations side, I have done several painting on solar screen and what fun!

The screen is made of a plastic like, double woven fiber and is much more substantial than regular window/door screen. It has an almost flat surface.

I painted a Barb Jones halloween design from the Oct 2009 Quick and Easy magazine, and although her design is not something I would usually paint, I really like the colors and the shoe and of course the pumpkins.

With screen painting there is virtually no base coating or very little, and the screen is your background. When a deeper more substantial color is needed, only a second or third coat is needed. The only thing that really should be addressed is you have to take care to keep a clean, dry paper towel under you work at all times, as the paint will go though the holes in the screen....but it's easy!

I have several Monika Brink designs that I am going to do on the screen, and I am going to try a simple base coat to help the design stand out rather than on a black background.

I will post pictures after I take them at the show on Sat.


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Belle, thrilled to hear you will be posting pictures for us. The screen painting sounds interesting. No base coating would sure speed up the painting process on alot of projects.

With your painting skills I can hardly wait to see what you share!


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I am also anxious to see what you have done with screen. Sounds very interesting.


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Thank you all for you kind words!!!!

I posted a lot of photos and one in response to Cathy's query about screen painting.

If I every agree to do a craft show....please call the little men in the white jackets.....


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