Reverse Stenciling?

CEFreemanAugust 21, 2012

Hi all!

I have some unfinished drawers I want to have some words on.

I want to have them remain wood, and paint around them.

This is confusing because I know I don't have the right words.

I want to stick something on these drawers, prime, paint 2 coats, sealer, and peel the letters off to reveal the words in natural wood.

1) where would I buy letters like that?

2) what are they actually called when used for this purpose

3) how to prevent them from peeling the paint when removed

4) am I better of to buy stencils and paint with an artist brush around them?

Thank you for your suggestions and expertise!


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Hi Christine,

It is nice to see a new "face".

They are products for water color artists, can't give you a brand, but they are called RESIST or something like that.
If you go to Hobby Lobby they can help you find it.

Anyway... place your stencils how you want the wording to be and paint the resist over the whole stencil area. Then you paint the dresser, over the resist and everywhere else you want the paint. When dry the resist will come off when rubbed with your finger, a rag or whatever.

I would practice on a piece of wood first, but it should work out just fine.

Please, show us your finished dresser. It sounds like it will look lovely.


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Thank you!
I knew there had to be a way, since this is not a unique idea!~

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If it's not too late, I have another idea. You can buy sheets of adhesive letters at any office supply store or decent craft store.

You could stick on your letters, prime and paint, then very carefully score around the edges with an excato knife and peel them off.

The resist product sounds easier, but I wonder how it would work with that type of paint?

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