Am I Crazy?...trying to squeeze in an armoire

supercat_gardenerAugust 14, 2006

When the ex and I parted,the only good furniture we owned was a solid cherry bedroom set. He took the armoire and nightstand and I kept the bed and dresser. Flash forward to now. He and the Mrs. sold their furniture to make a major move. I bought back the armoire, which I really like, and the nightstand. Only trouble is the armoire will be a tight fit in my 800 sq. foot house. The only practical place to put it will be in the living room. I think the upper shelf will be too narrow to put even an LCD TV in there, although I plan to measure for that. I could move out the TV that's currently in the LR and put an LCD TV in the computer room.Because I like to have the TV on in the AM and when I make dinner(the kitchen is open to the LR), I could put a small TV on the kitchen counter. How weird would it be to have to go into the living room to fetch clothes from the armoire drawers? The armoire is very attractive and I think it would look really nice in the LR, but am I nuts to even consider this seeing as how I'll have to re-arrange so much to have it? I should mention that I've priced other armoires that could hold a TV and I'm not willing to pay the big $$$ necessary to have a new one.

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I would say in 800 square foot house, you have to be creative! Don't think it is weird at all. Besides, you'll just free up more room in your bedroom for something else. It's important to keep the pieces you love.

Just my opinion...

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I don't think its weird at all. Many folks due to lack of space find themselves rethinking the use of pieces owned. The same as a dresser being used as a buffet in a dr, personally I think its great.

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Not weird at all, supercat. If it's weird in your home, it's weird in our!
We have an armoire in our living room and while it is actually designed for a TV, we use the drawers to store any number of assorted items. It is a large piece of furniture but, IMO, much more attractive than the yucky entertainment centre that was there before.
Do it and enjoy!

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I think it's a great idea. Armoire's are really versatile, plus they have doors/drawers to close off its contents, so you are free to use it for anything.

In our entry way we have an old 3 drawer dresser from my son's room that we have repurposed into a console type storage area. We store, and have previously stored, such varied items as: clothes, linens, board games, canned goods, paper for our printer, sports equipment, paper towels, extra wallpaper rolls and magazines.

Enjoy and use your armoire anyway you want! :-)


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If you love it, go for it. We have an armoire in the family room and it holds all of our computer/office supplies in the drawers on one side, and the vacuum cleaner on the other side. We don't have a broom closet, so it's a perfect way to hide the vac. Nobody has to know what's in the drawers/behind the doors.

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While it's not an armoire, the principle is the same: my son-in-law inherited a beautiful old double dresser with a huge 3 part mirror. It would not go up the stairs to the bedrooms. I suggested they put it in their dining room and use it as a buffet. It looks great in there. Though the only thing dining related stored in it are tablecloths and napkins (the rest of the drawers hold other items, it is perfect for the room and as a place for putting serving dishes during big get-togethers.

I think it is fine to put big pieces of furniture in creative places, and to use them for whatever purpose they are most needed for! Go for it. I'd love to have a big armoire in the little room where my front door opens (I jokingly refer to it as the "foyer"-- too big to be an entry, too small to serve as a parlor), so I'm envious of yours.

Dayle Ann

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I have a small narrow armoire (just hangs clothes)that originally came from the captains quarters of a clipper ship. Beautiful piece but very little function. Initially we took off the back and placed it in a corner to house our TV. But then TV's got wider so my husband built a shelving unit that sits inside the armoire. We store all our VCR's, DVD's, CD's and tapes inside. It's still in our LR Go for it

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Thanks to all for your encouragement. I'm normally not one to shy away from using something for a purpose other than what was intended, but I was a little concerned about this one. I just hope that no one opens a drawer in the armoire looking for a DVD...they're more likely to find my PJ's!

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