One of those 'Crazy BM' posts....

evilstepmommy07March 25, 2013

DH and BM were fairly recently in counseling sessions together. Some very concerning things came out of these 2 sessions. BM made violent comments toward DH. She then just stopped showing up for the sessions. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened. She wants to go to therapy, the dr disagrees with her and then, she no longer likes them, they are stupid, it isn't helping, she stops going, etc.
At that time, DH and I had already scheduled a session of our own with the same therapist to help us find ways to manage our relationship with the children and communication with their mother. During our session, the therapist told us (without telling us, for legal reasons) that 'the person we were describing' sounded like she was bipolar and that it was probably a good idea to get supervised visitation put in place. That hasn't happened. I don't want to pressure DH to make such a decision but I feel like he isn't taking it as seriously as he should either. I worry about them every single time they go to her house now. Just to clarify, DH has full custody and always has. Their BM has visitation.
How do I approach this subject? Should I encourage him to make a move toward supervised visitation or should I wait on him to make the decision on his own?

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I wouldn't unless the kids are telling bizarre stories about their Mom's behavior. Stories that involve endangering the children like driving drunk or smoking pot in the home, etc..

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That's the thing, they have always told bizarre stories in the past. Now, they tend to 'protect' her and take up for her, even though we aren't questioning anything. We know they are hiding things. It is even more concerning to me, the things that their mother has told the therapist. I just have a very bad feeling that there are things going on over there that are unseemly and the kids are scared but have been told not to tell us.

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Your DH already has full custody, a rare gift for fathers in the mom biased family court system. I would not worry too much about the BM, since her contact with the children is already limited.

Plus, even if your DH did want to pursue supervised visitation, the courts are going to require much more than the word of a therapist that has not even meet much less diagnosed BM and the testimony of minor children.

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