I'm back!!! w/photos!!

Calamity_JMarch 11, 2014

Hi Everyone! WOW! Nice to see it so active again!! I have gotten back into doing some art and so thought I was due(Well according to Slowmedown and Klinger) to share some pics of finished projects and some wip pics....

Here is a link that might be useful: Art of the Heart2014

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Ohhhhh Jane: I just looked at these pictures in your email, and asked why you don't post them on the GW. I'm so glad to see you back at work. As I explained in my email, I love everything you've been doing, especially the wire-wrapped cross. I've wanted to do that ever since our first meeting at Sams, when I saw hers. And here you've done it - even prettier than the one at Sam's. Wish I knew how to do that, and where to find those materials. Goooooooooo Janeybo.

What is Klinger up to making lately? Guess y'all are looking forward to spring as much as we are here in TX - has been a veeeeeeeeery long, cold winter.

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Love all of it, especially the gazing ball!

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Love it all!

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Klinger/Cindy has convinced me to put some stuff for sale at a newly opened gatden center...we shall see how that goes...its the pricing that gets me...gotta love that I met Klinger (Bff) here on gardenweb a decade ago and we just keep sharing ideas! Luv it!

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I am astounded by the large cross with the crown on it.

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Fabulous! Love the flowery globe and the hummingbird especially.

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Pricing is the worst aspect of mosaic! I just can't deal with pricing. I wish someone else would take over and do that part. If I charge by the hour, most pieces would cost waaaaay more than people are willing to pay. If I charge by material used x a certain figure, it varies so much that it doesn't make sense. I might use broken plates that cost 99 cents each on one piece, and use dichroic that costs $100 a pound and Italian smalti on another piece. One thing I can always count on, Mosaics is never dull!

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I viewed the Cross picture 1st before I saw the Cross mounted next to your house door! WOW! Took me by surprise! An exceptional mosaic! Lag Bolts⦠did you go through the surface of the cross and then reset mosaic pieces & re-grout⦠or did you have a hanging device on the back of the cross (such as wire) before you started the mosaic? And, you drilled through your siding? IâÂÂm designing a mosaic house sign (14" x 30"), which will be on Wediboard. Did you use Wediboard or marine-grade MDF? Your âÂÂLag boltâ method might work better than what I originally wanted to do⦠a French Cleat. I live in Northern Indiana, and my front door is somewhat protected from the wind & snow, but not the brutal temperatures in the winter. I value your opinion since your Cross looks perfectly âÂÂat home.â Susan Griebel, Rome City, IN

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Thank you Susan! I like the french cleat idea but am not clever enough to get something like that happening...sooo I came up with...the wedi board has wediboard hangers attached to it(2) right around where the crown it on the cross...then the pc of wood has: 1ft.long x1/2inch thick x 2inch high wood was attached to the outside wall by a couple of lagbolts going into the wall, then two lagbolts going into wood and wall and having some of them sticking out to hang the cross on...hope that makes sense...

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I understood your hanging method perfectly. I will add the hangers onto the back of the Wediboard before I start adhering the mosaic pieces. Thank you for the prompt reply. Susan Griebel, Rome City, IN

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Oh Calamity ALL your pieces are fantastic, gotta love that gazing ball and the cross is so special. Segrib, your house numbers are looking very nice. I'll be watching for finished pics!

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Looks good!!! Looking forward to seeing it hung up!
On another note...one week went by since I dropped off 4 pcs of art at the garden center..ond the globe sold! I asked $150. And they sold it for $250! I feel sad that it is gone! Ha! But the hunt is on now to find another similar substrate to do! I have also done a stained glass butterfly that will be donated for a convention coming to my area.

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Good grief, Girlie: That's wonderful - congrats on your sale. This butterfly is absolutely amazing. What size is it?

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Hey Slow, it is about a foot high...dunno why the pics turn sideways?! I've got 2 more to do then onto something else...the garden center wants some more stuff so who knows, may get my stash of old windows out and get to work! But I really want to get my front door gog started! it's only 42degrees here so waiting for the warmer weather to tackle the dragonfly patio!

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Hi All, I've been lurking for awhile. I've only been doing mosaic art for about a year but love it. I really liked the gazing ball Jane. What substrate did you use for it? My cousin would really like for me to make her one. I have also heard that pricing is really difficult but I am not to that point yet! I find it really hard to part with my creations! Really enjoy looking at everyone's work here and reading the advice etc. Have a great day!

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I can't tell you how many times I've meant to respond to this post..but I go and look at the photos and get lost in them! Great work on all !!

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