Would it be worth the bother?

luvstocraftAugust 15, 2010

My neighbor had some wood pallets and one had fallen apart. He gave me the wood pieces in case I wanted to use them for painting or something, they are a nice size for signs or small cutouts. The wood is like a soft plywood with the layers pressed together. Not a real good quality in my opinion. There are staples in them that would need to be pulled out--not sure if the wood is worth the time of doing all of that. Anyone ever used this kind of wood? What's your opinion on it?


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Luvs, sad to say but I would say no. The wood they use to make pallets here is not planed and just scap wood. We get them and give them away for bon fires or anything someone will take them for. Go buy some nice boards and you will have your projects done and don't even look back.


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Luvs....it really would depend on the quality of the pallet. I have seen some that are really nice and other like Punk said, only good for firewood.

Might I suggest you just prep a small area and then paint something simple on it and see how it ends up.

Happy Painting!


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Thanks for the good advice Punk and Belle. I might try one piece, but I'm certain these would have to be inside use only since the wood layers is not pressed together very well. Not even sure it would be good enough to use for a Cricut project either. Oh well, it was nice of them to think of me, but don't want to put allot of work into something that won't hold up! Luvs

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