Opions wanted Kitchen Peninsula end cap

pinkhouse2011May 7, 2013

I need input on how to finish off the end of my peninsula.

The peninsula is 73" Long I have a 24"wide by 12" deep cabinet at the far left. There is 48" for two stools.

Should I run an end cap a full 36"deep along the end or leave it open by using only a 24" end panel ?

attached is an image with a 36" end panel.

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Opinions Please. :)

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Kathy Rivera

I think I like the end panel b/c of the cabinet on the other end. If there was no cabinet, I'd say just have the overhang. What about a pretty leg? Would it smoosh the seating area too much?

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I am worried about smooshed seating with the full end panel.

Attached is a picture of NessaB kitchen with just an over hang.

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I went through a similar issue with my island overhang. I'll link the thread I started asking for opinions below so you can see some examples and discussion. I ended up forgoing an end panel or leg so as not to cramp the stool space. 48" for two stools can be a little tight. I ended up with 53", taking into account the side overhang, for my two stools, and I'm very glad I didn't close in the area, especially with two young kids shoving the stools around getting in and out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with pics and discussion

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Thank you that was very helpful.

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I'm not sure I have an opinion but I will have a similar decision to make. I just saw this pic on Houzz thought Id share it so you can visualize the end option...

Contemporary Kitchen by Philadelphia General Contractor Hanson General Contracting, Inc.

Breezy, I just read through your old thread....so, have your kids ever bumped heads? Are you glad you went naked?

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If the counter (stone) is left "naked" how would it be supported? The overhang would be aprox. 13x48

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I'd be worried about the smoosh factor also and would do it like NessaB's

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