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pezabelleAugust 25, 2011

Was in the store yesterday to take advantage of their 77 cent sale on Americana, out of 30 colors I wanted I came away with 8...not a nice average!

The store has moved the "decorative paints" to the far side of the store where one side of the isle is brands like Americana and Crafters and seems like Fork Art paints and the other side is all Martha Stewart. Very impressive display! They do not offer very many choices of colors, but lots and lots of "tools" Lots of specialty brushes, sponge brushes and tops for their bottle and lots of stencils. The bottles are $2.99 for 2 oz's and the samples look really great (as if they would show a bad sample)

I came away with the impression they were offering a very simple way to add a decorative look to your home, etc. They did have several free projects but they were all using stencils or their spray attachment for spraying large areas. There was no shading or highlighting, and not a lot of information on the basic of what you can do with the paint or if you need to add mediums for different uses, such as glass or metals.

I was not taken with anything, except maybe a stencil or two, but they are still on the shelf.

I guess we now wait and see if the designers switch to the new line and if they do I hope someone comes out with a conversion chart really fast! I don't need another brand of paints taking up space and confusing my already over confused brain!


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Hi Belle, I've not been in Michael's for awhile. Keep saying I need to go but also try not to be away from home very long. $2.99 sounds kind of high for 2oz. of paint doesn't it? Especially when you were buying some for 77 cents! LOL

Like you, I really don't need more paints until I use up some I already have on hand.

Maybe I'll get over there this week to take a look.


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Belle, very interesting! I will have to stop and see what our Michaels has next time I'm in town. I have no desire to pay 2.99 a bottle for paint but we'll see. Thanks for the heads up.


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I for one can never have enough paint and I stockpile it like crazy. :-)
I took advantage of the Ceramcoat clearance at Michael's when I got the e-mail from Delta telling me Michael's would not be carrying it anymore. At .49 a bottle it was hard to resist and I even got some of the 8oz FolkArt for .29! I got extras of some colors I already had but also ended up with several colors I didn't have.

I have no desire to buy Martha Stewart's paints. I am not a fan and just won't go there. I am perfectly happy with my tried and true brands. :-)

Belle, because of my huge stash of paints I would never go out and by yet another brand of paint for a new project's suggested use. I keep such large amounts of Americana, FolkArt, and Ceramcoat paints that I can usually find what I need in what I have. If I don't have a conversion chart, or a color chart with the project that shows me the actual color so I can try and match it by eyesight with what I have, then I just pull out my 3-in-1 Color Tool and either try to find a color that I think may come close or pick a color I like and change the color scheme all together.

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One thing I did see in the MS department were lots of stencils, I need to go back and really look at them. I sometimes like to use stencils in the background or where I need to repeat a pattern.

KM...Last year I took a suggestion from Patty Rawlinson and made a color swatch book. I use the baseball sized protector sheets, cut some old index cards to fit and made a card for each color of Americana whether I had it or not. It took time...but was the smartest thing I have done. I also added the shade and highlight color name as well as the conversion color in Cermacoat, which as we all know, may not be even close to the color we need. I do this with my Delta paints as well, especially when on is discontinued.
I enclosed a very bad picture, but you can see how well it works. When I want to create my own colors, I just pull out the chip and compare them as dry colors. I arrange mine alphabetically where as PR does hers by colors.

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