How do you paint a bubble?

wearybuilderAugust 1, 2008

Hi all! I'm new to this forum...I'm usually over in the "house" stuff.

Does anyone out there know how to paint a bubble? I'm trying for a "sudsy" theme in our laundry room, and I can't figure out how to do a bubble!


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Hi Wearybuilder, welcome to the painting forum. We have two painters on here who are also painting teachers, so hopefully either Paintingfool or Kraftymom will see your post and be able to show/tell you how to do it.

I've only painted one piece a long time ago of a lady with a wash board in a tub full of bubbles. We did it in a class I took. As I remember, it wasn't too hard, just required "floating" the bubbles on and then stroking on a "highlight" on the side. (Pictures would be so much better than words, but I don't have a pic of it.)

Please take some pics and share with us okay? It sure sounds like a cute idea. ;o)


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Hi, you can use any white acrylic paint and Folk Art Floating medium. You load your flat brush with the floating medium and then on one corner of your brush dip into the white acrylic paint and then blend well on your plate. Starting with your brush in the vertical position push down on the brush with the white on the outside of the circle, and spin brush around in a circle keeping your brush flat the entire time. Now that you have your circle/bubble made make as many as your wish and sometimes overlapping the bubbles. Now you can add a highlight to your bubbles by dipping the nonbristle end of your paint brush into white and touch to add a dot to the top of your bubble. Have fun.

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