Corner Susan with doors that are mounted on the L.S.? Who has one

deedlesMay 20, 2013

Hey everyone,

Looking for someone with the doors mounted on the pie-cut susan style to tell me the dimensions of their doors. I think one has to be wider and then the narrower one butts up to the first door at the inside corner, right? And you have to have a pole with this style, correct?

I'm trying to stay away from the bifold hinged version. I had one of these once and liked being able to give it a push and have what I want out front.

A birds eye view of the doors installed would be really great, if anyone has one.


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Not at desk, can check if you don't get answer. If doing inset or frameless see if you can get a Hafele Suzi-Q. Have had less trouble with these and no smacked fingers.

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The lazy susan door in my parents' kitchen has the two pieces joined solidly together and is attached to the lazy susan, so it is even simpler than the Suzi-q.

I think they stopped making them this way because if they are not well constructed they don't rest in the closed position, but this lazy susan is 44 years old, has never gotten out of alignment, and is weighted with pots and pans, so it is possible to do it right

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Jakuvall: I hadn't seen the Susi-Q. I do remember getting my fingers pinched a couple times, but I learned... this one is interesting though.

Palimsest: what a cute kitchen. The one I had must have been done right as it always rested in the closed position. If I remember, it felt like there was a 'stop' (sort of) when it rotated to closed.

I found a birds eye dimension view of the rev-a-shelf one but no door size specs. Just says you need 1/8" b/w door and frame. hmph.

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Holly- Kay

I know Lazy Susans are widely hated here but I love mine. I had the style you mentioned but I think both doors were the same size and yes there was a pole attached. I can't measure them for you because demo started today and my cabinets are gone!

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Here is a detail of one brands revolving door susan- they use a compound miter joint. Door size is then worked out to allow cutting the joint,looks like one door is effectively 3/8" larger than the other, assuming 3/4" thick doors.
If butt joining them then one door would be larger than the other by the thickness of the door.

These are still made, generally less expensive than other options. I avoid them especially when there are little ones around. Have put in at least 100 suzi q's, have one in my kitchen. If doing custom have the maker follow the cut sheets from Hafele. Note it is NOT suitable for aftermarket install- I wouldn't even do it and I'll do some really unreasonable things to get what I want in a job.

The love hate thing with susans stems, I believe, from using it for storing things that don't belong there. They are great for small appliances, large soup pots, small rack for small trays, basket for potatoes. Generally it is the tallest easily accessible storage in a kitchen.
Corn flakes, soup cans, groceries- not ideal.

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Holly-Kay: that's okay, but thanks for the input. Your cabinets are torn out? How exciting! I can't wait for mine to start. Been planning for it seems a long, long time. Probably good though that it's taken this long or I'd already be regretting the mistakes I would have made, lol.

Jakuvall: thank you so much for all the info. I'll clip this thread so I have that picture when I need it. I'll seriously check out the Suzi-Q. Have you found any failure rate with the door closer thingee? Do you think there is any loss of storage from a regular susan? It looks like it might be a bit smaller but hard to tell in pics. Thanks again for all your help with this kind of stuff... you're generous to donate your brain and experience to all of us.

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Zero failures in 14 yrs, mine is 9, did take out a kitchen with one that should have been adjusted but still worked, that one was 25.
Storage- no practical differance to me compared with other pie cut susans. I only put in diagonal if client wants em-rare.

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I have them now, but in the cheap variety. One is OK (I only keep plastic storage containers on it); the other has heavier things. Once or twice a year the shelves slip to the point where it makes me mad, and I have to take everything off the shelves, adjust the set screws on the poles, and try to get everything aligned again. I am SO looking forward to pulling them out in a few weeks!

My new kitchen will have an angled corner super susan. My kitchen isn't very big, and I wanted the extra counter space, and the extra drawer above it. I also wanted something that wouldn't interfere with the adjacent cabinets, so I wasn't keen on a door hinged in the middle. I realize the angled door makes items inside less accessible than with a pie-cut, but I accept the limitations. My Mom has had this configuration in her house for 35 years, and it works fine.

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I had one in my old kitchen and it was the only cabinet that worked as well the day we demo'd as the day we moved in! It was installed in 1995 and we demo'd in 2008. Smooth operation, no issues with the shelves slipping or moving in any way. (Yes, it had a center pole.)

I really liked the door attached to the shelves b/c there was no banging of doors or doors getting in the way. The door rotated in with the shelves and the entire opening was available for retrieving items (no hinges, etc). Both doors, from what I remember, were the same size. We never had any issues with it not staying "closed". I seem to recall there was a "stop" that kept it closed - part of the rotating hardware, I assume since there wasn't anything (that I remember) on the door or in the cabinet opening.

The other thing I liked about it was that the walls of the cabinet very closely followed the contour of the shelves so there was no possibility of anything ever falling off.

Jakuvall may be right about why some people hate them. In our case, we stored all our pots & pans in it along with colanders and several large serving pieces. It was nice having everything so accessible! I miss it!

Note: Our cabinets were builder-grade, but the corner susan was definitely sturdy & well-made!

Old Kitchen:

(Yes, there is gap around the doors, but I think that may be b/c they were builder-grade and the quality tolerances were probably pretty wide! I would expect much better with a higher level cabinet or semi-custom or custom.)

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I'm trying to talk to Chad at Barkers (we may have switched to them r/t cost) about this but he says they can't do it. I don't know why I couldn't order the box and then the doors separately and put it together ourselves? I can't see how this one would make any difference to the box itself. Am I missing something?

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