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paintingfoolAugust 9, 2010

I know, you are probably thinking I have done enough roses lately - but I am painting for my ETSY shop and also for the booth, and for a craft show. And these sell very well. Anyway, here is a clip board I picked up at AC Moore. It is only about 4"x6". It is a different version of the stroke rose. Sorry for the blurry photo, the tech said my camera is out of date - it is only four years old!!

Oh, guess I had better clean the clamp, you can see little spatters of paint.

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Very Pretty!

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That's a beautiful rose, PF, I really like it allot. And you do such lovely leaves too. Are you leaves just double loaded, or do you do "layers". Pretty green, what's the name of it, if you don't mind sharing. Hope you are getting lots of sales, and don't ever hesitate to share your pretty roses, I love seeing them. Luvs

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Oh, Luvs, you know how much I like to share. The leaves are double loaded. I used Jo Sonja Hooker's Green and a touch of Aqua loaded on one side and White on the other. I used tube acrylic but you can use bottle and get the same effect. Then I lighten it with white to do the veins. The pink was Jo Sonja Alizarin Crimson and white, mixed. Then I double load with the mix and white. But on these petals I used my dome round brush with most of the paint wiped out and scrubbed on the highlight on the rose petals. I used my rake brush to pull in the little vein lines on the outside petals with alizarin crimson. Sorry the photo is a bit faded - got to get another camera but I am waiting for Christmas. I am still painting ornaments, and I did make a sale today in my shop. Yippee!!

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Ahh, it must be the bit of aqua that gives them such a different softer shade. Love how your veins are so soft and natural looking too. You have such a good eye for shapes and shading and hilighting--and it's obvious you are very skilled with your brushstrokes too. Great that you got a sale today, good for you! ;o) Luvs

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Another pretty rose project, PF. I always enjoy seeing your roses you paint. Thanks for all the info you share too. Congrats! on your sale you made. I'm sure there will be a lot more of them to come.


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Oh PF, such beautiful roses --- would you consider an online class to teach the rest of us --- or maybe a worksheet for those of us who love beautiful roses and struggle with them.


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pezabelle clever you are! Using a rake to vein the leaves, no wonder they are so even looking. Who would ever want to use your clip board, not me, think I would hang it near my desk and look at it all the time, so pretty!


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