Michael's Clearance on Ceramcoat paint

kraftymomAugust 14, 2011

Got an e-mail from Delta saying that Michael's will no longer carry Ceramcoat acrylic paints. If you use these paints get to a Michael's ASAP...they are ALL on clearance for .49 each! Great time to stock up on colors you need (or don't need). :D

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I saw their ad for 49 cent paints but haven't gotten over there. Not like I really need more paint right now, but it's hard to resist prices like that! LOL


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was wondering if any of you know why Michaels and such have quit carrying Ceramacoat. I do so prefer it even if a little higher in price. Really no comparison in creaminess and consistiancy of paint Carolyn

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Michael's is the only chain that is discontinuing it. According to the e-mail I got from Delta, Joann's and Hobby Lobby will still carry it as will any other stores you may have bought it at.
The e-mail stated that Michaels had made some significant changes within their Paint Plan-o-gram in their stores, which resulted in Ceramcoat being discontinued.

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Thanks for answering, got to the store but was to late, already gone. I prefer there deltas paint to others, have used it for 20 years, Thanks again

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Why is Michaels not carrying Ceramcoat? They are clearing out space, a lot of space for the new line of Martha Stewart paints. Lots of chatter about them, they are supposed to be very versatile replacing glass, metal and general acrylic paints.

My local store is still in a mess, and no Delta or Deco paints anywhere......they are getting my temper up......in this day and age who can afford to go out and buy a whole new line of paints? Not Me! And I like what I use or I would have changed to Heritage or Traditions or oils.


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Thanks so much for the tip. I ran up there and got over 40 bottles. Ceramcote is my favorite. Will not buy any others if I can help it. I have some Ceramcote that is over 20 years old and in wonderful condition. The other brands dry out or get seedy and unusable.

Good grief! Did I just say that I have paint that is over 20 years old and yet I buy over 40 more bottles? What is wrong with this picture? Come to think of it nothing. This is why I like this site. Everyone here understands.

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Like you, CTP....I use my Ceramcoat as well as my Americana and by far the Ceramcoat stays usable longer.

As a post script....just a an email flier from Michaels advertising the new Martha Stewart paints. I hate the idea of adding another line of paints and don't plan to do so unless I can no longer find Delta or Deco...or unless a design I really like uses them and I don't want to take the time to convert...then maybe!

There is also new paint brushes offered, some to replace the One Stroke brushes which I really like because they hold a lot of paint, really great for base coating and sealing.

I am stopping in the store today and plan to check out the paints to see if they still carry DecoArt.


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Michael's is in the craft business for one reason only. To make money. If a line doesn't sell well enough by their standards they get rid of it. I knew they dumped Delta but wasn't aware they also stopped Americana.

Ceramcoat has less pigment and more binder than Americana. That's why Americana may sees to thicken faster. But it will cover easier than Delta. You can use an extender to thin down your DecoArt if it seems to thicken to quickly. And store it upside down so less air seeps in.

While it's Martha Stewart's name on the label and her color palette, DecoArt is the manufacturer of her paints. They are compatible with Americana so do not worry about using them together. As are Traditions made by DecoArt and are compatible with Americana.


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