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Skyangel23May 13, 2014

I have a row of three glass doors in a row on a short wall on my kitchen design plan, each 18" wide. I didn't realize til now that this leaves 7" from the end of the cabinets to the end of the wall (wall ends above peninsula, which keeps going below).
Which is better, the three glass doors all the same size, or one door 21", the other two 18", and only 4" at the end of the cabinet run?
Cabinets finalizing today, and I just noticed the 7" at the end. Any opinions greatly appreciated!

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Something like this is what I am thinking, but the upper wall ends 7" after the last cab.

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If this is a corner, that last cabinet in the row won't be so reachable. You want to end it right at the end of the door to the corner cabinet below if reaching the things inside the cabinet are needed to be accessed readily. If you'll only put seldom used things in the 3rd door, then you won't mind standing on the stepstool to reach across the awkward corner space to reach the interior.

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It is a corner on the other end and yes, I was planning to put decorative dishes, seldom used, there.

But would having that door be 21", and the two after it 18", still be pleasing to the eye, or will it look "off" ?

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Can you do some open shelves at the end? So it will be 12"(or whatever depth your cabinets are) wide and 6" deep- might not be much but you can put some trinkets/art work on it facing the rest of the peninsula.
I might have a similar area on the edge of my short wall. I can't seem to find the houzz picture I had saved earlier. I will post if i find it soon

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vinudev, I would appreciate a pic. :-)

Here is the black and white rendering with the 21" cabinet:

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This is the best angle she gave me, but the three glass doors, each 18" wide, with 7" left at the end of the run before the end of the wall. If I added a 6" end shelf, the crown molding will be hanging over the end of the wall.

In the rendering, the 21" wider cabinet looks very noticeable to me. But I don't know which is "worse", the uneven look of the glass cabs, or too much blank space at the end of the wall.

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You still want enough wall left so the crown that "returns" on the side of the cabinet doesn't overhang the wall either. I'd do the 21" in the middle of the other two for symmetry, and on the assumption that your crown will jut out 3"...just a thought...

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the crown goes out 2.5", so w/the 21" cab, there is still 1.5" of wall left. I could do the 21" in the center, but then it would be three individual cabinets instead of one single and one double, which is more expensive. We are quite at our max. :-) I'm also not sure if I would like that nearly as much as three equal sizes.

Totally forgot to post the picture with the all equal 18" cabinets. Not the best view, but shows the 7" at the end. I believe the 7" includes the 2.5" crown. Is that 7" too much that it looks weird?

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I'm certainly not one of the designing experts on GW but simply throwing this out for your consideration. You are correct in making the three glass doors all the same size to assist in the illusion that this grouping is one unit. What about using the 6" wide spice cabinets in a vertical column, either before or at the end of this grouping of three? If your cabinets are over 30" high, you would need to buy a second spice column and cut one or two additional spice cabinets to equal the height of your wall cabinets. They could be used to store wine bottles or just the little pull out drawers. I seriously considered this option when I had a 6" space to fill for a cabinet grouping. Or simply put a filler piece on either side of the 3 cabinets. Hopefully, one of the KD on GW will offer a recommendation.

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I'm sorry, after reading my KD's email again, plus going over my measurements, the 7" is from the end of the crown molding to the edge of the wall. From the end of the actual cabinet to the edge of the wall is 9 to 9 1/2 inches.

There is already a filler to the left of the three glass cabinets as it is a corner there. If we added one to the right side, at the end, how would that look? Doors are full overlay, w/ decorative end panels.

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I had to look really hard to even notice, frankly, and I knew to look for it. Are you sure it is that much a problem?

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which one? the 9" of wall space before the edge of the wall or the unequal glass cabinet widths? :-)

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The cabinets, lolol! The space is much less noticeable in the first elevation than the second.

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Does anyone think it's fine to have the 9" wall space at the end, and keep the glass cabs all the same size? Am I stressing too much or is the wall space really a problem?

There is a six inch little decorate shelf thing I could add to the end instead of the decorative end panel. That would leave 3", 1/2" for the crown molding.

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Skyangel, stressing out about details is part of the game with a kitchen remodel. If I were in your place, I would order both the end panel and the small open wall end shelf. With everything else in place, I think you will automatically know when you can see the space with and without the end shelf. Then return the piece you don't use. There may be a restocking fee but that's OK. The important thing is that the three glass doors are the same size. I would focus more on getting led tape lighting inside those glass cabinets.

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I like the 3 equal size cabinets. the wall space of 7 inches is not going to be a big deal. I have 6 cabs above the corner where the wall and peninsula meet. I can easily reach the 4th cabinet.

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Texas girl, I will ask KD about ordering end shelf and end panel, and returning one. I would honestly rather not have it, as I think the focus should be on the three glass doors. Yes, definitely stressing. Don't want to make a mistake when spending this much dough. :-)

Isabel98, good to know there is no issues reaching cabs in corner. And thanks for your vote on the equal cabinets.

Makes me feel better. :-)

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Maybe put the 21" cabinet in the middle, so it is more symmetrical? 18-21-18?

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^^That's what I would do if I were to go that route. I was thinking that all along but since I am not great at this I thought I would just keep my yap shut about it. :o)

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If the open shelf is not something you would really want, don't buy it, even if you can return it. It will be added money either way, something more to dust and clean and it's not something you love.

Something I learned when I did my kitchen -- if you have the room (I didn't) having some wall space for displays is a good thing. Having some art or accents in a kitchen can be a really good thing for color, for interest or personality. That could be a spot where you hang small art, decorative measuring cups (the ceramic ones are popular now), display a rolling pin or funky utensil, hang a wall vase where you can put a single of few flowers, etc. If your phone might be at that end, that could suggest some other possibilities. Even if left blank, its not something to be afraid of. It might even be a plus if you have something taller on your counter.

I have one tiny piece of wall between my kitchen and door I have an old wooden Dutch cookie mold. Other than the space above my window, it's the only wall space I sort of have in my kitchen (technically, I guess it is part of the breakfast room I have some small art in my breakfast room, but even there the wall space is almost non-existent. I have a built-in hutch on one side, French doors to the patio opposite that and no walls on the other two sides.

Don't be afraid of wall space. Enjoy it. (In other words, do the 3 18s and decide how to use the space as you settle into the kitchen.)

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thank you, lascatz, for your ideas and smart advice. I will take it, and I feel much better about it now, too. :-)

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Those were my personal thoughts also, nice space for wall accessories if you want something there.

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If you don't need the storage room I would go with the three 18" cabinets. I think the wall space will help the kitchen look more open.

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