Acrylics vs. Enamels on glass

kraftymomAugust 31, 2010

I own a lot of specialty paints including enamels for painting on glass, tile, etc. I don't particularly find it hard to paint with acrylics on glass, I just don't like the prep and finishing you have to do to keep it on. With enamels you just clean your surface, paint, let cure, and you're done AND they are permanent...another reason I like using enamels. Over the last several years I have come to like paints made for specific surfaces, it's just easier.

But I do like sponging acrylics on glass to create a country crock-like surface for jar candles and have used the same technique on my lightbulb ornaments. I've shared these before but the following pics are of a mustard jar/terra cotta pot candle done in acrylics and a wine light done with enamels. The one thing you have to remember about enamels is that they will dry with a glossy appearance. A lot of times it's all about the finished look you are trying to achieve.

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Oh, I love the hummingbird!! I remember doing a candle jar once - but now everything comes in plastic so it is hard to find a good glass jar.

I haven't used enamels before but I am going to pick up a few - when they are on sale. I don't like having to worry about acrylic lifting when I have to put on the second layer. And with red it takes several layers even with undercoating with harvest gold or green.

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Cute projects and thanks for sharing. Your blue bottle looks great with the hummer and flowers. I really like your candle cup and the flowers are very pretty. I use sponging for a base coat too. Do you wipe your glass with alcohol before painting? Please share all your success with painting on glass with us.


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Punk, I do clean the glass/tile with alcohol first.

Following is another project I did with enamels on tiles. I found the wood frame at the thrift store for $1.99 and I just happened to have the tiles on hand.

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Kraftymom, I like all your projects, especially those cute tiles on the last one. How great that you found that wood piece and the tiles fit perfectly! ;o)

I've not used glass paints. I have painted several glass jars with acrylics to make those candle holders. No problems with any of them. I like to spray paint the basecoat on then paint on top of that. I know Anj has painted them too.

I have used patio and enamel paints on some rocks, but I really like acrylics best. Guess it just depends on what you get used to.


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