Screen painting

cathy8091August 28, 2011

I saw some beautiful paintings on screens on the week-end. Does anyone know of a web site for beginners on painting on screens? How you prepare the screen, etc.

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I have only painted on Solar Screen which is woven with two strands instead of one single wire. It gives a flatter surface, but as you can see in the photo, it still has holes.

I did not prep the screen in any way and it is so easy to use! In my project there was no need for a back ground, so it went even faster, but no more than two or three coats was ever used and the shading and high lighting was a breeze.

I don't know if you need to prep metal screening, you might try YouTube for more information or maybe someone else here can help.

You do need to have a folded paper towel under the screen as you paint and check it often it see if the paint is being pushed through, if so change to a clean area of towel.

I used a spray sealer when done, and was totally happy with the results. Hope this help or you find what you need!


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Thanks for the info, where do you buy the solar screen. I'v never seen it anywhere.

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I purchased mine from Lowes online site as no other chain store carries it that I could find. Just checked and it is listed as Item # 45067 and Part# 72222 on Lowes online site.

Any Solar Screen would work, but I chose charcoal was I didn't want a totally black background and it seems to be made of a plastic or some other material, not metal wire. Very flat and tight weave.

I purchased a huge roll, 40" X 84' long as I am thinking about doing a free standing, painted screen for my DD home.

I hope this helps!

PS Loved painting on screen and am doing another painting right now.

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I also painted screening for a screen door bought the screen at my local hardware store and painted a Autumn scene on it. I placed newspaper under the screen while I was painting on the screen

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Hello folks: Are you doing free hand drawing or how do you apply a stencil and do you paint by hand and with what type of paint? Does anyone have the website for any turorilals? thank you, nice idea and would love to try it for something new.

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This was popular in Baltimore. The Visionary Arts Museum actually has screened doors and windows what were painted. Some are very sophisticated.

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