Painting on Old Windows

goldiemnAugust 2, 2008

Just thought you might like to see what I've done with old windows. These windows are from awhile ago. I usually come up with my own designs, now. One of these days, I will post some new photos. . .just never enough time. Thanks, Luvstocraft, for suggesting I post here!


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You do nice work! From what I saw on your picture trail you sell quite a few of them. Do you have your own business? do craft fairs? word of mouth? all of the above? Just curious. You must spend a good amount of time looking for old windows!

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Hi Goldie, So glad you came over and posted your pics for the gals here to enjoy. I really love your geranium ones and the bluebird.

Hope you will come by often and chat with all of us. We have painters of all skill levels and styles, and we all enjoy seeing each other's creations and chatting about painting and projects.


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Wow Goldie! Welcome and I love your picturetrail album. Such beautiful windows, but I like the prim ones with the sheep/saltbox houses and the snomen the best. I love the things painted on screens. I want to do more of those (only done one and it was fun). That bee on the stool is awesome too. Thanks for sharing and we'd love to have you come back often! ~Anj

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The pictures are beautiful!! It is hard to choose favorites, but I loved the lilacs, sunflowers, bluebird and hummingbird ones especially. Do you use acrylic paints, or glass paint?Thanks so much for showing them, and please post more.
You are a talented lady!

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Thanks to all for your wonderful compliments.
I'm very fortunate to get all my windows free from a window replacement business as well as people who just can't throw old windows away and call since they know I paint them.
I use PermEnamel paints since it doesn't need a sealer, and the window can be washed after ten days without the paint coming off. The majority of my sales are through a shop in town although I also do a couple of shows a year.
Thanks again!
Carol L.

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