Need a simple stencil idea for old white dresser

JulieAugust 22, 2001

I have painted this dresser(4 drawers, white wooden handles) for our spare room. I'd like to stencil something simple. I've done an ivy on a wooden chest of drawers that I use for tablecloths, etc, in my dining room, and that is quite nice but what other ideas can you give a artistically challenged person like myself?? Thanks.

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Have you checked Wal*Mart or Michael's for a single overlay stencil? There are lots of different subjects: all kinds of flowers and fruits, cats, dogs, or how about birdhouses? All kind of depends on the theme of the rest of the room.

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There are SO MANY stencils in the craft stores, do you have a theme in this room, like flowers or sea shells? Or you could create something to compliment your color scheme in the bedroom. EVERYTHING will look good on a white wooden dresser!! I'm jealous, I wish I had one to do!! Great luck!!

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How difficult do you want it to be? I just returned a library book by Plaid and in it was a really cute dresser. They overlaid the entire piece with a one-piece stencil (so the result looked like a damask material over the entire piece)then stenciled a small repeat design laid out in a rectangle on the sides and on the top. This was a small petal border with a group of roses in a cluster at each corner. The one piece overall stencil was done in a muted cream so it sort of blended into the background. Hope you can get the mental picture. It was lovely and different.

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Painting on a mirror attached on the bathroom wall already, could I use a stencil also? where can I buy some? or do you have any other suggestions to paint a design and also what can of paint to use?

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I painted a chest this fall, light brown color, then I took a small stencil strip (.98 cents from Wall Mart), I stencilled it randomly all over, changing the directions until most of the surface was covered, in almost a white. Then I painted some flowers on the front. The all over stencilling looks nice.

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Since I am not very good at painting, I used wallpaper & border paper on furniture peices that I have painted before & they turned out very nice. Just another idea that is easy & looks great. Terri

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