Another Alaska Agate/beach rock rustic welcome sign

cathyscacheMarch 10, 2009

Hey calam and all , Here's another piece with Alaska agates and Alaska beach rocks on it.later Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic rustic welcome sign

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Are You a rockhound? Did you coat that with resin??!!! AWESOME!!!

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Yes I am.....I spend a lot of time on the beach in the summer collecting rocks and agates.
And no, it's coated with a exterior polyurethane.
I prefer the agates raw, just the way I find them. I polsihed some once, their pretty polished but, I think it's takes away their beautiful character. Later, Cathy

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Cathy I like your welcome signes with the agates. Your deck is going to be gorgeous. ?? The logs hanging in your garage, are they curing for use?

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Kathy, The hanging posts are getting their second coat of exterior polyurethane today. The others above are drying, they'll go around the deck. The rails you see hanging, already made, are the rails going up the stairs. It's been a lot of work. Cutting the logs, peeling, drilling (for electrical)(lights are going on top of each large post) sanding and now sealing. Then put it together. But I told my hubby last night it's gonna be worth all the work when it's done!!!!! He just went huh...(Course he does most of the work) but it is going to be beautiful....I am getting so anxious for summer to come, later, Cathy

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I'd like to do the same but the rocks are so heavy that when I glue them they slide around (especially on a non-rounded surface like a vase). Did you use a special glue? Any other tips?

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