Flax oil painting

oddieAugust 21, 2007

I have a picture I found at a yard sale, went to hang it and droped it and broke the glass, I read somewhere where you can paint over the picture with maybe it was decopodge or mod podge and get a oil painting look.

I have looked for hours but can not find any info on this, I dont want to mess up the picture trying , does anyone have any ideas on how to do this or any other ideas that might work.



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Try googling...

faux oil painting how to

(faux not flax)

Here is one site I found for you when I did so...


good luck,


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Sorry didnt notice that I had spelled faux worng, Had done this search but found nothing on the idea of useing decopodge to make a poster look like a oil painting, I am pretty sure that decopodge was what was used, in the end the poster has lines kinda like a oil painting does, and it seals the poster so as not to have to use glass, was hopeing someone had read about or done this, thanks for your quick responce!

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Sorry, Oddie, I've seen it done, but don't know how to do it myself. The artful crafter site looks like a good one. Good luck. :) ~Anj

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Thanks for trying! I have a spray clearcoat high shine glaze I got at a yard sale I will try it on a old picture frist.

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