New here, and Gallery

iris21August 20, 2006

Hi, I'm new here. I just put a bunch pf pics in the gallery, and I hope more of you will put pics there too. I'd love to see what you're doing.

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Would love to see your pics, how do I find the gallery? I just joined the forum yesterday so still learning to navigate around. Hope to see more interest here. How log have you been painting? Isn't it a wonderful way to "destress" and just enjoy yourself? Keep posting...maybe more will join in!

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Hi Luvstocraft! The Gallery is here:

Another way to find it is to close this message and go back to the list of messages. At the top of that list, you will see a link to "Gallery" on the right.

I hope you will put some pictures of your work in the gallery too. I'd love to see what everyone is doing! What do you like to paint and what do you paint on?

I'm just a beginner, really. I haven't been doing it for long, just a few months. I never took a class or anything; I just watched Donna Dewberry on TV. Hod eie you learn and how long have you been doing it?

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Wow, beautiful work Iris and so versatile. This forum has been so inactive lately I hope you'll inspire others. Welcome and Welcome Luvstocraft. The more the merrier!!

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I loved your work Iris, and Minnie's heart too. Couldn't see the other picture that was listed. You did your cabinets, then painted over it and redid them? They look great, but don't think I could ever do that? LOL I learned some decorative painting several years ago and learned to cut my own wood. Mostly did yard stakes and some things for gifts and my house. Like you, I have been trying to learn One Stroke Painting. I have some books and videos and am practicing. I have painted some welcome sign yard stakes and am currently working on some metal trays I found at the TS. It is so fun to give them new life, and one stroke is so much faster than regular painting. Haven't gotten brave enough to try painting on walls, but after seeing your sunflowers, they make me want to. Minnie, looks like you know how to do the REAL tole painting. Beautiful. I tried to take a strokework class once, but only two of us were beginners, and we just got lost and gave up. Hope you two will post more here. I don't know any other people who paint so would love to hear from the two of you and any others who care to post. I have to learn to do pictures, then will show some of my projects--however I only consider myself a "crafter" not a "painter" so don't expect perfection. LOL

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This forum needs more people like you two! Then it would move right along.....

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Hey, Minnie, Where are you today? Now that you have a few of us checking in here, please don't forget to come "chat" with us each day. Maybe we can get some friendships going, and breathe some life into this forum. You have been posting here for quite awhile, haven't you?

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I'm new, too. Hope to post more when time allows.

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welcome kansas1, look forward to seeing your pics. enjoy the ones posted. these gals are very talented!

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Great Kansas! WElcome and yes, please post to your hearts content. We love to chat and see pics so join right in. ~Anj

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Hi Kansas1, So glad you posted--we are thrilled when new people come join us! Do you live in Kansas now? What city are you in? I've lived in Wichita, Kansas. It was many years ago. Still have a couple of friends there. Hope you will have lots of pics to share with us, and please join in on any conversations going on here. The more the merrier! Luvs

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