Swollen eyes and company gone..

paintingfoolAugust 14, 2008

I haven't been posting much lately, my sister has been visiting from Pennsylvania for the past three weeks. Always fun to have her here but I am exhausted when she leaves. She has so much energy!!

I also decided to get rid of the skin and fat above my eyes - it was sitting on top of my lashes and I had to raise my eyebrows up to get a little relief from it. So I went to my opthamologist and he said let's take it off. Yesterday I went in and two hours later I am out and on my way home. No pain, just aggravating to have to keep an ice pack on the eyes all the time, 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off. So I am writing this with my head tilted back so I can see out of the slits. The doc promised I won't look like Joan Rivers (Thank God!!) but I will be able to wear mascara again since there will be no fat pushing down on the lases - yippee.

Ooops, I think this was suppose to be on the converstion side so I had better add something about painting. Which is that I haven't been able to get in my paint room for the past several weeks and I really wanted to clean it up like Luvs did hers. I did start another Santa but he isn't finsihed.

Luvs, I found those little boxes at Dollar Tree over in Mobile - they had none in my area. What will you paint on yours? I am stumped on what to do with them since they are so small.



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Hi PF, I was wondering where you were--thought you might have taken a vacation or something. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister. I know what you mean though, I'm always dead tired after company leaves and ready to get back into my normal routine.

Glad the doctor was able to fix your eyelid problem. One of my old bosses had a similar procedure not long ago. His had gotten to where he had to raise his chin up to see anyone and to drive. Know you will be glad once it's all healed.

Please refresh my memory about the little boxes. I can't remember mentioning them, are you sure it was me?

I've been doing a few projects, have you visited the gallery to see them? Had been quite awhile since I had made anything. Even for these easy patterns, it takes allot of time to paint them. And I took some shortcuts even. LOL


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Luvs~ it was here on Discussions entitled "Lots of Wood Pieces". My $Tree didn't have any either btw.

Bebe~ I'm usually more happy to see company go than come. ha 3 weeks is a long visit. I'd be done after about 3 days. ha

Well, glad you got your eyes fixed before it started interferring with your painting! We can't have that. ha Hope you heal up fast! You've had quite a few things to deal with this year, but hey.....getting to wear mascara again is worth this aggravation, right? ha Look forward to seeing your new Santa, hun. Take care. ~Anj

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Thanks Anj, couldn't remember anything about little boxes. That's partly because I bought the words, and wooden plaques, not the boxes--other than that it "oldtimers". LOL PF, if I bought the little boxes, I'f probably just paint tiny rosebuds all over it--sort of like chintz maybe. Luvs

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