My Own Child

bobatyMarch 26, 2009

I was on a few days ago and saw somthing about adoptive parents and step-parents being different that BP. I am adoptied so that really bothered me, my Mom passed away two years ago and while going through her stuff (as I am the only child) I found this little poem. I think that this will aply to SP and adoptive parents now just so every one knows I am a BM also of three wonderfull children and have SKs.


Did not plant you


But when the season is done

When the alternate

Prayers for the sun

And for rain

Are counted

When the pain

Of weeding

And the pride

Of watching are through

Then I will hold you


A shining sheaf

Above the thousand

Seeds grown wild.

Not of my planting

But by heaven

My harvest

My own Child.

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Beautiful. I cried reading this.

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Me too everytime

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Very nice, it shows her love for you. I would love any child, I don't see how people can favor a child over another. I really miss my sweet little boys.

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That is really beautiful.

I, too, have been most fortunate in having a stepfather who loves me like I was his own.

It certainly can and does exist. The key thing is going into the situation truly *wanting* to parent, being a "kid person". There are many many wonderful people who have a lot of love to give a child who didn't happen to come from their own DNA. The world is a better place for having those kinds of SP's and adoptive parents in it, they make an enormous difference in the kids' lives. There are several of them who post regularly on this forum, too.

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Thank you so much for sharing this! I almost just choked on my Diet Coke reading it, I really needed to see that today. =-)

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so true. My mom's dad wasn't her biodad even though he was the REAL dad. And he was my grandfather even though he isn't biograndfather.
Blood is not what makes us parents/grandparents.

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