I paint more than roses

paintingfoolAugust 12, 2010

I love this little design even though the picture is not very good. I am trying to hold off getting a new camera until Christmas. I thought you should see that I can actually paint something besides roses and flowers. I love little Victorian children and women. I think this might be a Brenda Stewart design. I have lots of little patterns that I have drawn off from something and this is one of them.

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And you paint more than wonderful santa faces as well! This is just lovely--do you know who Brenda Lee, the country singer is? I think this looks just like her when she was younger! ;o) You have wonderful painting talent and skills. Luvs

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PF, what a sweetie. Had to laugh though seeing she's holding a beautiful ROSE. That's a neat little sign she's painted on.


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Luvs, my husband said the same thing!! I do remember Brenda Lee, one of my favorite singers when I was young. I love painting young girls, I am working on one tonight that is on a bigger surface. This one is on a heart about 8" long. It was hard getting her eyes in but I had the most difficult time with those little lips. And since I posted this I added little roses on the upper right side, couldn't resist.
Later yall.

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Bebe.... I agree, she is beautiful and does look like Brenda Lee and what's wrong with painting what make you happy and it make other people happy as well when they see something as special as this.

Thank You for sharing!


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