Food Safe Sealer?

sjarzAugust 9, 2008

Does anyone know of a Food Safe Sealer, preferably a spray but brush on would be ok too, just not anything that has to be fired as I have no access to a kiln...

I am wanting to make the "plate with no owner" and would like to write the words on the plate rather than attach a card with the saying on it.


Suzan J

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Oh gosh, Sjarz, I really have never done anything like that so can't advise you. Are you decorating a wooden plate or a ceramic one? If ceramic, I'd contact one of those "paint your own items" places and see what they advise. For wood, I think most people use a clear glass plate on top of the painted wooden one. Maybe Painting Fool or Kraftymom will have some recomendations for you. Luvs

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Unfortunately without firing there is no food safe sealer for decorative painting. Even though acrylics are non-toxic, it is recommended that they do not come in contact with food. But that doesn't mean it can't be done.
Here are a few options...

1) If painting a wood or ceramic plate, you can keep the design to the very outer edges or use them as a charger plate for under a glass one as Luvs mentioned.

2) If painting a clear glass plate, you can REVERSE paint the design on the BACK side of the plate so food can be served on it.

For either the glass or ceramic plate I would recommend using FolkArt Enamels. The pieces can then be 'fired' in your oven to make the paint permanent and washable.

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Thanks for the replies, gals. I hadn't thought about only painting the saying around the edge of the plate - doing that would likely eliminate much contact with food.
So, Krafty, if I use those Folk Art Enamels and 'fire' them in my own oven, would you think they would then be food safe?
I love the idea of the glass plate over the wood, but not sure whether I could find what I need there.
Good thoughts from both of you and thanks again.
Suzan J

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Firing the FolkArt Enamels does not make them food safe.

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Just wanted to say thanks again to both of you for your thoughts on this budding project - had a look around at some clear plates and some glass ones and I think now I can make this with the words painted on the back of the clear one and the glass ones as a base underneath...hopefully it will work out in real life like it is working out in my head...
Thanks again, Krafty and Luvs...
Suzan J

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