Swirling dots plates (pix)

alisandeJuly 23, 2007

Once again, I wish these pictures did the plates justice. They look very pretty in personÂthey surprised me! I followed the swirling pattern of the plates, creating dots with pointed q-tips. I used frosted "shimmer" paints, creating a set of six in six different colors (all with white). These dessert plates cost 64¢ each at Walmart.

I'm pretty experienced at working to get accurate color in Photoshop, but these glass pictures have me stumped! I feel I should translate: The top plate is copper, the middle one is purple, and you probably figured out that the bottom one is blue. :-)

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Susan~ some of my pictures don't come out anywhere near the right color either. It's usually my reds that come out looking pinky. I haven't been able to figure out why yet. But these are still really pretty. Do the shimmer paints give it a metalic look? Are you doing these to give as gifts, to sell or just for yourself? They turned out great and I like the way you went with the pattern on the plate. Looks like you are still having fun. :) ~Anj

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Susan, now that you are making all this pretty glassware, you will have to come over to the holiday forum and do some table scapes with us. We do that in between the holidays.

These would be great to use for a plate of cookies or brownies as a gift.

With this style plate, you could also follow the lines to make swirled stripes. That would be pretty too.


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Ang, yes, it's a metallic look, but subtle. I made them to give to my daughter as a birthday gift (in September). The only thing I've ever sold is my writing, and I should be doing more of that. But there's something awfully relaxing about having a paintbrush (or Q-tip!) in my hand.

Luvs, that's a great idea about a gift plate to hold baked goods. That particular pattern comes in a larger, dinnerplate size, too.

I don't know what table scapes are, but I imagine when I visit the holiday forum I'll find out.



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