Do you store your paints upside down?

alisandeJuly 31, 2010

Hi Everyone! I haven't been here in a while--I've been gardening and taking pictures. But all it took was one chilly night (last night) to get me thinking about cozy things like rug hooking and decorative painting. So while I was at Michael's this morning I looked for a way to store my little bottles of paint.

I had in mind a carousel. I'm sure I've seen them in the past, but they don't carry them now. They didn't have anything specific to these paints except for plastic drawer liners that hold the paint bottles upside down.

I didn't buy those, but I picked up a Victorian looking hatbox at TJ Maxx, and thought I'd store the bottles in that. As it turns out, I'm going to have to get a bigger hatbox because my 70 bottles wouldn't fit. (Gee, for someone who paints only occasionally, and not very well, I sure am a sucker for a paint sale. lol)

For now, the smaller hatbox is filled, with the bottles standing right side up. Of course, now I can't see the colors.

Is there any problem associated with keeping the bottles upside down?

Thanks for your help!


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I don't think there would be any problem as long as they are sealed.
I store my paints on their sides with the color and brand of paint marked clearly on the lid. The ones I keep and use at my painting table are on their sides and the ones I have stored in boxes are also on their sides.

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The ones I use regularly are stored on their sides in a little storage shelf on my desk and the others are stored on their sides in a drawer. I don't think it would hurt anything either as long as the caps are on nice and securely. You can always write the name of the color or dab a little bit of the paint on the top of the lid so you know whats in each bottle. That's what I do. =) ~Anj

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I only have mine upside down when they are almost empty! Saves time waiting for that last little bit to run to the top so I'm not wasteful. ;o)

Since they are in those plastic bottles, you can pretty much store them anyway that is convenient for you. Just give them a good shake or two before you use them so they are mixed well.

Your hatbox sounds like a very pretty container and may work out well for you. I need to have mine out in the open or in a container where I can see them easily--out of sight is out of mind for me, I'd forget I had them and end up buying more! LOL

Can't wait to see the projects you work on, so fun to see what other's are creating.


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My paints are stored on their sides, and every once in a while I will turn one if I see that it is separating. I also shake my paints before I start to use them and make sure the last shake is with the top up or sometimes you get a great bubble of paint when you open the bottle.

If your paint has hard flecks caused by drying paint, grab an old nylon and cut a piece to fit over and between the bottle and lid. Be sure to stretch it tight. This will catch all of the hard pieces.

I also put a dab of paint on the lid and using a permanent pen, I write the name on the lid. And yes, I remove the Americana "dot" on the lid and do my own thing.

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I store mine in my desk drawers straight up. A little tip:
do you ever shake your paint and then when you open it some of the paint spills out right away? I hate it when that happens because it means my paint lid will be messy and the paint will dry on it. If you tap the bottom of the paint bottle on the table before you open it (after shaking it) the paint will be knocked back into the bottle and not near the little hole in the lid. Later yall,

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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I have one of those carousels that i bought back when they were popular,it took up to much room on my table,so i had dh cut it in 1/2 and mounted it on the wall,and the paints are on their side,never had a problem.The overflow is stored in plastic shoe boxes right side up with a dot of paint on top of each one.

I have a picture on here somewhere,will seeif i can find it.

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When I did painting, I used the round, white permanent stickers that you find in office supply stores or Walmart. Then mark them with the fine or extra fine permanent black markers with the name Put them on the very top of the cap.

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Thanks for your input, everyone! I'm going to try the round stickers. I have some temporary ones, but I'll pick up the permanent ones at Walmart today. Maybe I'll even do some painting this winter! :-)

BTW, those floral-patterned boxes they sell at TJ Maxx are very nice. I went back and bought a large rectangular one with a magnetic lid to store large photographic prints. It holds up to 11x14".

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Alisande, we will look forward to seeing your winter projects. Don't stay away until you have something to show pics of though, we love chatting and hearing your comments too. ;o) Luvs

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Hi, I just saw your post and I know the carousel for paint storage you are talking about. I just found the carousels for $9.95 each at LTD commodities. My dghtr and I have ordered from LTD catalog for years and I was surprised and shocked to see these carousels there in the recent catalog for that price. This is NOT an ad or spam. I am in no way affiliated with this company. I just love to tole paint and have a ton of the paint bottles stored on a bookshelf where it is hard to find the color you want. I just wanted to let you know that I found the carousel about a month ago and ordered 2 - I love it!! Each holds 108 bottles of paint. You have to put together and at 1st mine seemed rickety but my husband tightened the bottom bolt enough that they are now sturdy. Ltd website is and the item # is 475067-504Z if you are interested. I am excited to be a member of this site now after visiting for awhile. I am an RN and trying to find more time for painting. I look forward to being part of this forum with you all.

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Welcome to the forum, Debbie, we are thrilled to have another painting joining in. Thanks for the tip on those carousels for paint, that's a great bargain. My problem is that I have limited counter and wall space since I paint in my laundry room, otherwise I'm sure I'd love to have a couple of those since they seem so convenient. Hope you will keep coming by every chance you get to chat with us. Luvs

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Thanks, Debi!! Walmart didn't have the round stickers, nor did CVS. And then I came home and found your post about the carousel! Even with $6 shipping, it was less than I had expected to spend at AC Moore.

I'm thinking of sewing a cover for it, to protect the bottles from dust. (I live on a dirt road.) (And my housekeeping has been known to slide on occasion.) (Lots of occasions.) :-)

Hi Luvs! Thanks--I'll be back.

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