Wood magazine files?

franksmom_2010July 5, 2010

So, I'm still working on the craft room. I need some file boxes for quilting mags, but don't really want cardboard or plastic. I saw some pretty yellow (cardboard) ones at Walmart, but at $6 a pop, I didn't love them that much. I'm looking for the ones that hold a stack of magazines vertically.

So, has anyone seen any unfinished wooden ones? It seems like I've seen so much craft wood lately, it's all a blur. My in-person shopping choices are Hobby Lobby, Joann, and Michaels. I've checked their websites, and did an internet search, but found nothing, except a neat photo of one that had already been painted. Does anyone know if you can buy them, and where?

If all else fails, I'll browse the stores as they put out more back to school stuff.

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Hi Franksmom,

If you do a Google search, I think you will find many types of files for you mags. They are fairly expensive some up to $25.00. I did find some at IKEA 2 for $9.99, but you cannot order on line. Don't know if an IKEA is near you or not. I bought my cardboard ones from Scientific American Catalog. They are navy blue with black speckles, so they go with any decor and were (I think) 3 for $9.00. Then I found Unline.com, they have plain cardboard (no problem since we are painters ..right???). You must order in bulk, 25 for $1.35 Each.... such a deal and 25 could never be too many. Not for the collections we all have, LOL. Hope this helps.


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FranksMom: h

Here's a link showing how to make your own storage boxes using USPS shipping boxes: http://beachbrights.blogspot.com/2010/01/diy-organization-magazine-holders.html

I think they are quite cute.

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Sorry....haven't seen any wood magazine boxes. I used the cardboard ones and used contact cement and tape to beef them up and then covered them with scraps pieces of wrapping paper, but found that the paper wasn't such a great idea, maybe I needed to glue the paper to the holder. So, I then I removed the paper and spray painted them different colors, that worked very well. I was not to gentle with them....had one for my up coming projects, one for my to do;s, and so on. So they got moved around a lot and still held up very well.

I checked out the blogspot and they are cute and seem easy to make, but again costly, unless you have used priority mail boxes, you have paid almost 5 dollars for each box.

Good luck with your search!


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I've never used any magazine files, just put mine on shelves or in stacks mostly. If I wanted some files, I think I would use empty detergent boxes and cut them down like on the blog. Spray paint sounds good--you could even use the chalkboard paint so you could write on the outside of them. Or some Mod Podge and scrapbooking paper or fabric would make them look prettier too. With the wood ones, do you need to glue some felt on the bottoms so they won't scratch your surfaces? Hope you are able to find some at a reasonable price, Franksmom. Luvs

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Well rats! I was hoping someone had seen them somewhere! I appreciate all of the crafty suggestions, though, but I sure was hoping for something not made of cardboard. Why can't they make anything that lasts?

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