Christmas in July project

luvstocraftJuly 13, 2010

I had this little design earmarked in one of my magazines, so decided to find something to paint it on for this year. Had this little metal tray in my stash in the shed and it was just the right size for the pattern. I sort of "adapted" a Trudy Beard design using my own color choices that were similar to hers. She does allot of color washes over color washes which look much prettier. Hope this project makes you feel cooler on a hot summer day! Luvs

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That is adorable! I really like the colors you picked, too.

But...I'm swooning over that grass! Is that St. Augustine? It took many years of work, but we had wonderful St. Augustine grass at our old house. The new house is in the country, and we just have "prarie grass" = weeds. It's not nearly as green and lush and cool and wonderful. It's about the only thing I miss from the old house!

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They look like they are having one heck of a good time! I like what you did. Aren't Trudy's designs fun to paint? How do you get your snowflakes so perfect?

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Luvs.....what a fun way to start my day! They are adorable!
The colors make the whole tray light and give off a good feeling.

Thanks for sharing!


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Really cute!

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Glad you all enjoyed these little guys. I loved that she had them using a teacup and saucer--another of my favorite things. Looking at the picture, I think the one little guys mouth is too thick--wish I would have taken the picture before I sprayed the sealer on. Funny how you pick up on things from the picture that you don't notice when the project is in front of you! LOL


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Luvs, your tray is so sweeeet! I have that same pattern and have thought of painting it but never taken the time. I also love all her snow women with their cute hats she paints along with the snowman with the paint brush like PF has painted.

We still have company and I have to work tomorrow. It's the cherry festival tomorrow so town will be filled with lots of booths and fun. I haven't had any cherries this year so will be buying some of them.

We are having a benefit tomorrow evening for a scholarship fund for one of DH classmates so won't have much time to be here for awhile yet.

Miss all of you and thanks for sharing your wonderful Winter project.


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Have fun at the festival, Punk. I've bought cherries a couple of times at the store and they've been so good.

That's neat that about the scholarship fund. Hope it turns out well.

Enjoy your company and the warmer weather, we'll all be around here off and on when you get back I think.


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Oh how fun! It makes me smile! I think you should use that when you serve "iced" tea (love the tea cup and saucer) or even homemade snowcones or slushies all summer! Would for sure make ya feel cooler. Great project Luvs!!

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Luvs, that is adorable and I feel cooler already. You know those are my kind of colors too. You make me want to drag out my paints. Thanks for the refreshing pic.

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Thanks Anj and Frou, glad you liked my little snow sliding guys, although I know Anj isn't a big fan of snow! LOL

I have more Trudy Beard patterns earmarked that I'd love to paint someday. Love her snowladies that are wearing hats. ;o)

Frou, pull out your paints and come join us here. We have all levels of painters, and we all love seeing the projects each of us decide to paint.


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Yeah Frou....come paint with us!!!

Luvs...I like painted snowmen (and ladies) just don't like the real stuff. ha I've seen some of Trudy's designs. Can't wait to see what you paint up.

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I forgot to tell you that I have my name on the list to paint with Trudy next year in Tallahassee. I have seen her at conventions but never took the opportunity to paint with her. Since Tallahassee is only four hours from here I think it will be a fun time to share with a few of my painting buddies. My idea of getting away or taking vacation is to go to a painting convention or taking a class with a national teacher - you just never know what great tip you will pick up and it is a fun thing to do. Wish there was a convention we could all get together and go to, I think that would be fun.

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That's great that you are going to paint with Trudy. I'd love to go watch, but would not be confident enough to even try to paint with all you pros!

Some year, I am going to go to the convention in Las Vegas just to look around and see all the designers whose work I've drooled over for all these years! Just know it would be fun seeing demonstrations of new products and enjoying the excitment of the atmosphere.


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Let's go next year!! I have been seriously considering going in February 2011. I heard they have sold out of some of their classes but I don't necessarily have to take a class. I just do it to be able to paint anyway. And yes, you could paint with those ladies. You would do great and it is about learning something new anyway. I can't believe you think you could not hold your own in a painting class!! You would be great.

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Such a cute painted tray, I love the colors!

I just had to pop in to say you HAVE to go to Las Vegas ;o)! I've been going for quite a few years just for the shopping - but a few years ago, I decided that I would try taking classes. Since I'm pretty much self-taught, I thought I would have a hard time keeping up, but much to my happy surprise - I kept up just fine! This year, 2010, I took classes with Jamie Mills-Price, Sandy LeFlore, Chris Thorton and Renee Mullins! If you get stuck or need help - the teachers are always very helpful, as are all of the other painters in class. A word of advice, try to get to class at least 15 minutes early to get a space (sometimes the classes are in smaller rooms and space is tight) and to get your workspace "set up". They usually start the classes on time (some even a little before) and if you get there late, you will be playing catch-up from the start (and will probably be very frustrated).

You are a great painter - you should seriously think about going to the Las Vegas convention! Plus, you will be amazed at all of the patterns/surfaces/wonderful things available to us decorative painters!

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PF, I haven't taken a class since 1986 or 87! But I'd love to go just to see it all! I'm sure DH would be willing to take the motor home up then and I could meet up with you for a day at the convention. Is it open to the public, or do we have to register ahead of time to get in? You'll have to email me with more details, okay?

Hi Sherlea, thanks for the encouraging words, but I've never really had classes with any designers. I'd be so in awe of just meeting them that I'd get lost on following the instructions for sure! LOL I really do think it would be fun seeing all the new products and designs, and just being in a group of other's who enjoy painting. I'm glad you got brave enough to take a class, sounds like you loved it and signed up for lots more! I'd love to hear more details about each of them. Hope you'll keep coming here to chat with us. ;o)


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Well, I am game!! Anyone else want to go? To take classes you have to register but if you want to just shop on the floor you can pay a $5 or $10 fee, I think. I am attaching the website so you can take a look at what they are doing in February 2011.

Sherlea, welcome, I use to only go to conventions to buy supplies and surfaces. I decided to take classes several years ago in Ohio at the HOOT Convention. I was lucky enough to win my whole weeks stay at the hotel in a drawing, worth more than $700. So I cancelled my Saturday class and spent the day on the sales floor. My SUV was packed so high with everything we bought (there were three of us) I could hardly see out the back. The next day I drove 14 hours straight to get home - luckily the ladies had good control of their bladders!! But now I only fly if it takes more than 8 hours to get anywhere. It was sure a lot of fun though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegas Paints

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