best sealer?????

rhonniJuly 12, 2003

Hi all!!!!

OK, we had this thing going for a while...let's try again. I know it's summer and everyone's busy, but soon it will be fall, then anyone working on painting any Christimas gifts this year? What type of project??

Actually, I was wonder what does everyone like to use as a sealer on their decorative painting - the kind of painting you do on "things", like wood tables, watering cans, terra cotta, etc. I like the brush on sealers by Delta but I hate brush marks and smearing, which can be a problem. I also like the Rustoleum sprays.

What about everyone else??????

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I love the Krylon sprays. For the good stuff, I don't use a brush. Years ago I took a class in refinishing antiques and we were tought to put on plastic gloves and dip cheese cloth into the sealer then squeeze the cheesecloth so it doesn't drip. It works great. No lines and you don't accidently get a heavy buildup. It goes on nice and thin. Two coats are better than one gloppy coat. Just an idea to pass on.

I haven't started Christmas projects, but will soon.

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