Too small dining room for special occasions....

krissie55August 11, 2006

Clean and paint the garage walls/floor, make curtains to cover open shelves. Put pictures on the wall, flower arrangement some place, or a floral wreath on a wall. Put up folding tables and chairs, cover with fabric tablecloths store bought or yard goods from fabric store. Drape something over air compressor, lawnmower, etc. or put folding table over these items with long tablecloth to hide them. (We do have a storage bldg. out back that holds many things usually found in a garage, which helps.)

I have a large family and the above was my solution to not having space to put up card tables or room at the dining table.

The chest type deep freezer serves as food or beverage serving space as well as a folding table. Usually I use the dining table for serving food buffet style and put drinks and desserts in the garage.

We use china and the works for special occasions and go less formal other times (we are not formal folks!)

Our family keeps increasing (about 24 now) and soon will need to raise the garage door and continue on out into the driveway!!LOL!! We do have a window air-conditioner in the window and ceiling fan. The storage area has louvered folding doors.

Sprucing up the garage makes a very nice dining room.


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I used the living room. I pushed the couch against a wall, took all the tables and chairs and scattered them around the house, and put two eight-foot-long banquet tables in the empty space. Around here, Thanksgiving Dinner cannot be eaten outdoors most years!

The big TV armoire stayed in the LR, so football fans could keep an eye on the games. In the dining "L", I would put most of the drinks and other odds and ends on the dining table, pushed into a corner. We always had lots of crock-pots going because we had the regular dishes and the vegan versions (no butter, no broth, no cream, no meat, no poultry). Luckily, DH and his sister (the usual vegetarian guests) would eat an UnTurkey, so I did not need to make another main dish, DH just put it in the oven after the turkey came out for carving.

I think the most we had for dinner was 17. If it were 12 or so, we would put the two banquet tables together side-by-side and have a large center space for the food.

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krissie ~ I had a good chuckle when I read your post ;o)I've always said that living in a small house means having to be creative. We don't have a dining room, just a large eat-in area in our kitchen (but not a traditional eat-in area where it's separated from the kitchen). I do what Nancy does, move the table/s into the living room for Thanksgiving. The coffee table goes into another room, along with our chair and ottoman. We set the table up in front of the fireplace, and believe me, everyone loves eating dinner with a warm and cozy fire going. Dim the lights, light the candles, put on some classical music, and we feel like we're dining in an old country inn!

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