More fun with paint by numbers

franksmom_2010July 16, 2010

I finally got these framed and ready to hang! Here's what I started with, four sets of these:

I think these were made in the late '50's-early 60's. A few sets came with the original paints, but I didn't think I should use them, so I sort of guessed at what colors to use. It was a bit of trial and error, but I did each pair in a certain color scheme, and then just changed it up as I went along.

In the meantime, I found 8 similar frames at the thrift.

I wanted the overall look to be the same, but different, if that makes sense, so I painted all of the frames to match, and used the same color for the background on the paintings.

And here they are!

I'm about to start decorating our bedroom, and these will go on the wall over the bed. I just got a new quilt, and I think it coordinates nicely. This last pic is closer to the true color.

I really enjoyed working on these, and I'm getting excited about working on the bedroom. I have a lot of painting and sewing to do!

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Wow!! Those turned out nice. I use to love my paint by numbers sets when I was little but they never had anything this nice. You did good, girl!

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Awesome job on all of these and they will look great with your new bedroom redo. I really like your new quilt too. Amazing what paint by number paintings you make. Hope you will show a picture when you are done and have them hung.


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Thanks so much! The hardest part was figuring out what shades would work best together. I think I repainted most of the first set at least 3 times! I was most happy with colors of the last set, but I wanted to keep the rest as-is, so there was some contrast between them. I had meant to do them with all the same paint, but as each one got finished, I'd change it up for the next set. I was going to hang them by matching sets, but it looked weird, so I just shuffled paintings and frames until I got it how I liked it.

Now I think the tricky part will be hanging them, since the frames aren't all identical. I just put the hangers all in the same spot on the backs, just above the openings for the pictures, and will put up nails at the same level, and see how it goes. I've had those sets for a few years, and never got around to painting them, so I'm happy to see them finally going on the walls.

Next on the list is to paint all of the furniture for that room, update some hardware, hang new curtains, and make new pillow covers.

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They turned out lovely and I like the way you've mixed them up so no identical ones are side by side. I love roses, and you did such a nice job on these.

Do you have one of those lazer levels? You stick it in the wall and it puts a red light straight across your wall so you can get your nails all in at the same height. I used to just "eyeball" mine, but this makes it so much easier. LOL

Love seeing all your projects, thanks for sharing.


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I never realized how detailed those kits could be. But they turned out so pretty - I don't think anyone would know it was by number - unless you told them. Really nice. When it comes to hanging a lot of them I think I would lay them out on craft paper or newspaper, mark the top of the frame and then tape the paper to the wall. That way you can nail right through the paper. That is what I have to do because I have not yet purchased a laser level. But if you have one that would be the easist way to go like Luvs said. Great job, look forward to pics of the bedroom.

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Don't know how, but I missed these. You did good! Not only with the painting, but also with the refinishing of the frames. They turned out so pretty and soft and calming.

I have hanging things, I can never get them even, even when I do all of the "pro" prepping, I still mess up!

Thanks for sharing and for all of the fun chatter.


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