Woodcrafts Magaziines Free for Postage

KarenPJJuly 28, 2012

I'll confess that I am brand new to this forum...joined for the sole purpose of giving away about 2 dozen Decorative WoodCraft and Woodcrafts Magazines. They are in excellent condition even though they are from the late 90's.

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes or breaking any rules, I just hate to throw then in the dumpster.

I have tried finding other pertinent groups, but this one keeps showing up when I Google!

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did you give away all your magazines?

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As of now I still have them but someone from out of the country is interested in them. She is waiting for me to give her a price on the postage as it may be cost prohibitive to send. I will be doing that shortly. I will post back here one way or the other.


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I don't understand.

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No problem that I can see Karen. We are just not allowed to sell here but free is fine! ~Anj

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