I don't NEED no stinkin' sofa!!! : )

angelcubAugust 5, 2006

OR, she swings, she scores! Yes, I finally found something for the living room. Actually two things - a settee and what I'm calling my funky chair. And at 50% off! The furniture store was getting ready for their fall shipments and clearing our floor samples. This settee didn't have a spot on it - surprising for something so light colored.

I will probably change the upholstery and definitely make other pillows, but for now it will do. And here's the chair I got, too. I love the lines of it and think it has that old grandma's cottage look ( it's the red one). From Broyhill's Attic Heirlooms collection. Love those big clunky feet. : )

Now I'm on the hunt for a coffee table and an end table since I gave my old ones to my son. I saw some tables at an antique store that I'm seriously considering or I may get one of those large round ottomans that double as a table. Not sure yet. And if the right sofa eventually comes along, the settee will look nice in front of the bay window in our MB. but for now I'm enjoying it right where it's at. : )

And for those who asked, here's the farmhouse sink. Who knows when I'll get to use it but it's one more thing to mark off the kitchen remodel list. I'm sure some of you can relate.

Diana, so relieved to have found these cuties. Now on to some kitchen demo!

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What a great shape! Wish we could find something like that around here!

Happy wrecking! Love the sink!


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Love the settee and funky chair. Is this a good time to furniture shop? I'd love to find a 50% off deal somewhere!

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Both upholstered pieces are lovely, you did score! I like a lot of Broyhill's designs....my sofa, loveseat and chair in our l/r are Broyhill. So at which store is the line 50% off at? I'm in WLA, and I know you said you're in the San Gabriels.

The new sink is fabulous!

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Yay for you! I love your finds...you are quite the shopper! :)

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They are fabulous -- personally I love it the way it is with your armoire but I know when you make it your own I'll be lusting after that too you have such great taste!!
Great buys congrats.

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jyyanks, I've always found late summer into early fall to be a good time to furniture shop since the furniture stores start getting in new things for the holidays. Then there are those great sales around the holidays because they know folks want their places to look nice for holiday events. That's when it's a good time to buy dining room furniture.

Lori, the store is the Furniture Superstore in Ontario. It's across from Ontario Mills and a couple of doors down from JoAnn ETC. That might be a bit of a drive for you unless you were going up to you cabin. BTW, I'm not sure which direction you take to Arrowbear, but if you come the back way (north then east), there is a stretch of 138 that is closed from Beekley and Hwy 2. I know since I live straight up from Beekley. There are escorts on the weekends most of the time but not lately. If you take the 10 to the 18, you're fine, but not to the 330 - it is closed now, too, for landslide repair. The stretch near me will reopen in late Sept.

RaNae, you would not believe how many places that armoire has resided in this house. I recently painted it and was going to put it outside on the deck for my garden stuff, but on it's way out the door it ended up in the living room. lol! I think it will stay there until we build bookcases on each side of the fireplace. That's the plan anyway - who knows what will happen.

I think the table between the chairs is too small so will probably move it to the side of the settee. I have one of those round glass topped tables that get covered with fabric which would be a better scale. Now I need to find fabric for it and the windows. I saw some at JoAnn's that I liked but will look elsewhere since it was $18.99 a yard. Yikes! There is a discount fabric store with loads of discontinued decorator fabrics not too far away. Most everything is $3-$5 a yard. Much easier on the pocketbook. ; ) I think I'll check them out tomorrow. Today I have a bench for my entry to paint and some fall quilting to do.

Thanks for taking a look at my bargains and commenting. I hope you find some of your own soon! And post pics! : )


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Diana, thanks for that tip about the road closure.....sometimes, if the traffic is bad we take the back way in. Arrowbear is between Running Springs and Big Bear.

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"Arrowbear is between Running Springs and Big Bear."

Yes, we know the area. It's so pretty. We especially like it in the fall. We almost bought a cabin near Running Springs but decided to put the money into our place. Good thing we didn't since the area it was in burned badly in the fires a few years ago.

And you're very welcome. I feel bad for all the folks who come through here and don't know what's going on. They have that deer in the headlights look when they come up to the four way stop at Beekley. Someone finally put a No Outlet sign on the road as many would turn up it thinking they could go around. Well, you can if you have 4-wheel drive and know the "secret" backroads, but us locals aren't tellin' - : )


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You scored big time lady!!!!

Love everything and especially the way it looks on your new floors.
I had one of those sinks about 33 years ago and tossed it (head banging on desk) when we redid our kitchen in harvest gold. I weep!

Everything is looking mighty fine,

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I love the lines of the settee. That's a beautiful piece of furniture....and a bargain, too. Yes, you scored! :-)

That new chair makes me want to curl up with an afghan, and a good book, in front of the fireplace on a cold night. It looks that inviting!

Love the armoire,too. Anything that allows me to store things, and then has a door to close it off from public view, scores well in my book.

That farmhouse sink is going to be the focal point of your kitchen. I love it!

You've undertaken quite a re-do, and when you're done....want to take a trip to Texas??? :-)


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I love your slipcovered blue floral chair. Did you do it yourself?

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I absolutely love it! All of it! Great finds!

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I love the new furniture! It looks like a good fit for your space. I think the settee is perfect just the way it is, but I understand about needing to make it your own. And of course, I love the chair...red is my all-time favorite color!!!

Great deals and thanks for the suggestions on when to shop for furniture...we've never bought new furniture (aside from our mattress/box springs), and I didn't know when to look...I knew I didn't want to pay full price, though! ; )

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Thank you, all! I'm loving these purchases more and more each day. And the tan check is growing on me. I may just make some different pillows. I know the ones on it look like they match the green armoire paint but they are actually more aqua blue. I need to take pics at night. Or learn to use this new camera. I am lazy - I just want to click and shoot.

Wishful, the chair is actually upholstered and yes, I did it. I found the fabric at the discount store I mentioned and couldn't resist it. I always wanted a big, overstuffed floral chair. I couldn't find what I wanted so I created it. I'm a bit of a floral-fabricaholic.

Georgie, sending tylenol and tissues your way. : ) Harvest Gold, eh? I think quite a few of us had one of those kitchens, or avocado green or coppertone. EEEWWW - what were we thinking (or smoking?). ; )

Marilyn, I was thinking the same thing when I bought it. I think it may end up next to the fireplace this winter. And the first thing that sink will likely hold is a mixing bowl scraped almost clean of something chocolate in, your honor. : )

I did find a beautiful green fabric today that matches the green in the floral chair. I have it draped over the settee. I will stare at it for a day or two and then decide what to do. One thing nice, we have similar colors throughout our home so I can use the fabric elsewhere. And it was only $3 a/yd., marked down from $19.99. I have another chair to recover that will probably go in my sewing room. It would look nice on it, too.

Again, thanks for taking a look. I hope more of you share your bargain finds and decorating plans.


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Wow, what an inspiration! You are a fine decorator, your place looks lovely and comfy. I have been plotting the downfall of my sofa for years...but it is a sofa-bed, and was free, so it is hard to part with.

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If I gave you my address would you send the loveseat on to me, it is absolutely stunning........would die to have one like that? From the post I am thinking it is also Broyhill, must go and look at their furniture books. Your furniture is just my style, love it.

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Love the red chair....probably because I have one of the same color. Everything seems to be evolving with red/green this year for me.

Just purchased a new sofa half price too. Previously had leather furniture and it seemed to take over the entire room. Bought a slipcovered chair last year and love the options, so chose a slipcovered sofa and also additional cover. They are great for throwing in the washer and smell wonderful when back on.

I have also upholstered for years, those darn fabric outlets get me into so much trouble. Love your job on the chair, am in the process of doing one with 4 different fabrics/patterns. Have seen this done a number of times and really like the funky look.

One of the things realized when bringing in new sofa was the size of arms makes a big difference in how much room they seem to take up, may be a visual thing. Leather sofa was dark wine, overstuffed with high rounded arms...think those arms are why it looked so big as both are same length. Was going to give old one to my daughter, but now think it will work during the winter to feel cozier, have options for changes....or I just can't let go. And I just saw some great leather sets with fabric seats which would change the whole look of mine.

Gads, all of the pics and ideas are getting me into as much trouble as the fabric stores.


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Thanks again. Yes, the loveseat is Broyhill, too. The cushion is a bit stiff but I'm sure it will loosen up a bit over time. I actually like it but my DH prefers something cushier. So now he's taken over my big chair! Oh well, I have it all day, I guess I can share with him. And he is being SO cooperative with this kitchen redo I can hardly complain.

Sandy, I know what you mean about those fabric stores. JoAnn's has some beautiful decorator plaids right now - reds, golds, greens on a creamy yellow back ground. I am so tempted to get a few yards for a round table cover. This would go in my entry which I like to decorate seasonally. These cool temps have me in a wishful state for fall, my favorite time of year.


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If you want cushier seats or backs....go to an outlet and buy inexpensive down pillows. Kings are a good size for seats, would need two per seat. I just bought at Tuesday morning for $10 each on sale, actually, whenever I see them on sale I grab them for pillows, chairs, etc. Love the feel and easy to restuff almost anything. There are also european ones which are square.

Even though the covers are tight on a sofa/chair, they still accept the down. They even out and give a really comfy feel...and a cheap alternative to expensive down furniture which I have found uses less than the best.

There are less and less good fabric outlets around. A couple of JoAnns are here, but they don't carry a good selection as once was and becoming a tad worn looking. I found some good ones on the net, but have kept away from them.

Enjoy your new furniture and fun creative ideas.


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