cost of sanded grout

aka_strawberrygoatFebruary 27, 2009

what's the going price of sanded grout, around different areas?

I know it's more than what I found today...even at stores in my town.

I happened into a 'reuse' building supply warehouse, looking for a ceiling light fixture for the kitchen.

my oldest daughter bought a new chrome one, to replace the one in here, that was an old country style, with amber glasses on it. they faced upward...

I wasn't here at the time and I never have liked the new, polished look of the chrome one..

well, I found one very similar to my oldie one...

paid $20 for it...

and a really cute wicker, 3 drawer bathroom stand for $5

while shopping, I also found tiles for a dime up to a dollar each, depending on inches.

and the grout...sanded, keracolor s, in 10# bags for $4 each. I got camel, black, terra cotta and beige

they had 25# bags too but I don't need that much yet. around $10, I think they were.

man, the things that were available..I could have furnished the entire house. not new stuff but sure was interesting.

the grout bags and tiles were all new, excess from builders.

they work with habitat for humanity and are very affordable.

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Oh, girlie: What a score. I don't know what the prices are - never look, but you really made a haul. I buy the 25 lb. bags. Only visited Habitat for Humanity once in Tyler - a little over two hrs. from me, and their prices were comparable to yours - they had the mortar and grout real cheap. I love the old drawers and cabinet doors for one/two dollars. Also the door fixtures - key facings, drawer pulls. Such a treasure trove for my kind of folk artsy projects.

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I think the 25 lb. bags of grout in Chico, CA HD are about $12 a bag. They had some they were closing out for $1 a bag, I got a couple of bags of each of those. One was a lovely rose color

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Oh you ladies don't know how lucky you are!! I love places like your talking about!!! But where I live (rural Alaska) cool cheap finds are hard to come by. I do luck out once in a while. But not like that! Too cool! Cathy

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Boy what a haul you got there. I have a trip to our habitat store on my list. I get my grout in 10# cartons at I think around $9

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well, that's good to know I did good..
now I have to get busy and use it up, so I can get
seems they may have it on the shelf, regularly though.
the tiles I got, were for little practice studies for the china painting..
we use the cheap tiles for practice, so the porcelain ones can be done with more precision..
it's a heartbreak, to open a kiln, to find a piece of china, cracked or broken ....however, I personally have never seen a piece come out of the kiln that way.
our mentor has very high success rate with her firings.
and I know what you mean, about the stores like that having fun things in there..
the glass door knobs, keyholes, all metal, odds and ends..
keys in all shapes and sizes..dozens of doors..
things in the glass cases are full of doo dads, that can be incorporated into mosaics..

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