Found in So. Calif. Can you believe it?

luvstocraftJuly 10, 2010

My neighbor took me to some garage sales yesterday. Didn't find too much except some really nice avocados 3 for $1, a couple of aprons for $1.50, and these!

I held up one and asked the lady "how much" since there was no price on them. She said $5, so I thought $10 for the pair. I showed my friend and she said take it over to her and ask if she would take $3. I carried both skates over and asked nicely, and she said "those are pretty old, they belonged to my Aunt". I said, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't buy them then, I just wanted a pair to paint a design on and hang on my door for Christmas". She said "I think that would be a great way for them to be honored" and sold me the pair for $3.00! I couldn't believe it!

I know some of you have painted skates before because that made me hunt for some a year or so ago and I couldn't find any. Any tips for me? Do I need to spray on a matte sealer first? Should I spray paint them? I've got lots of Christmas designs, just have to pick a good one for them. I'll probably google painted skates for some ideas too. If you've painted any, I'd love to see what you did with your's.


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pezabelle truly hit the jackpot! I have been looking for years and years and still no skates. Even googled skating rinks with so luck.

Sorry, but I don't know how to prep for them but will ask that question on the other forum, maybe someone there will have the answer.


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Luvs, I would think that since the leather is porous, you'd need some kind of sealer, but really, I don't know.

Seriously, Belle? I'm in Texas, and I see these at the thrifts pretty regularly. Have you checked ebay or craig's list?

I think painting them for Christmas sounds like a great idea. You could even put greenery in them!

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pezabelle three answers on Tolefriends.....

Use vinegar and water to clean the area to be painted.

Undercoat with JW Undercoat and let it cure one week ( I haven't a clue what JW Undercoat is)

Here is where all three differ:
1. Use "Final Coat" to seal
2. Use Krylon spray sealer very lightly
3. Don't use a sealer

Also, one of the gals used colored Krylon spray paint the area she was painting. I seem to remember this in the back of my (limited) mind, seeing a scene that was painted on a light blue background that was fanned out at the edges, but it also could have been blended outward to no color.

Hope this helps.


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That does help Belle, thanks for checking for me. I think I'll do the vinegar/water wash, spray the area with my Krylon 1311 matte, paint my design and finish with about three good coats of spray sealer over the design. They will only be hanging as a decoration, and not out in the weather, so I think that should do it. I'll post them when I get them done, okay? Luvs

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I just gave mine a coat of Gesso and make sure to seal it well when finished with artwork. With your talent, I'm anxious to see the finished project.

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Luvs, I thought I posted on this one but - there is no telling where it ended up. If it were me, I would clean the skates well (vinegar is fine, it is often used on glass or tin) paint my design and then spray a good varnish over it. I doubt the acrylic paint will come off -have you ever tried to get acrylic paint off of fabric? The leather skate is a lot like fabric. So, in my opinion, once it is painted and sealed you should be good to go.

This is only my opinion - B

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PF....I agree with you, I have dropped water on a project without sealer and it takes a lot to remove the acrylic paint once it has cured. In the directions for using the Roc Lon they suggest that you use only one or two very light sprays of sealer, other wise your project will become brittle as varnishes, even sprays, leave a hard finish, something to do with all of the little particles fusing together to create smooth - hard finish. And over time if your material is bent or flexed the varnish will crack.


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I have had lots of "speckled" shirts that I couldn't get the acrylic paint out of! LOL (Finally got smart and now have a painting apron) I agree, I don't think it will be a problem. Weather is getting hotter now, so might be a good time for painting Christmas things and thinking "cool" thoughts! Thanks for the help ladies.


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Luvs, so happy you found these skates and got them at the price you did. I still have several pairs to paint. I started a pair with roses but put them aside w/o finishing them.

I will try to get you some pictures sent of painted skates when I get back here more. You may have to reming me. I have a book of CT that she painted on skates and they are pretty neat.


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That's right Punk, I think I remember you saying you had some skates you planned to paint. I know I've got some good patterns that would work on them, just need to make the time to look through my patterns to find them.


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