Grouted today!! Check out my next project-

bearbubbacowboyFebruary 13, 2009

Hey all,

My abstract is grouted and I have to say I love it! Really didn't think I would but I do! Can't wait to frame it.

And I am so excited!! I found a wooden rocking horse @ a thrift shop and am going to make it look like a Carousel horse. I can't wait to get started. I'm trying to decie on colors, and come up with a saddle. I'm hoping I can talk my carver husband into carving one, we'll see.....Still no volcano blow, but has warmed up to 36 above, go figure. Alaska has the most unpredictable weather. I have to put the horse in extra post as I cannot get more then 1 pic to attach...

Later all, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My thrift store rocking horse find!! I think she's too cool and cannot wait to get started!!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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and after you mosaic it, you'll see some picture in a magazine, where someone has one just like it, as is and it's worth a lot of money,
it sure looks like some that I've seen in the 'folk arts' type of books, from a long time ago era....

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Wonderful Cathy! Lucky find with the horse, looks really nice. I will soon start shopping for stuff like that, specially for garden stuff!

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Do like you abstract. And what a terrific rocking horse.

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STRAWBERRY is right - that's a valuable antique. Love your abstract - looks like you've been doing it forever. I wouldn't touch the rocking horse. I'd give it a prominent place in my home. It's very beautiful. Have your husband make you one to mosaic.

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Maybe it's a reproduction of an antique, I say it's fair game to mosaic!!! Lovely job on the finished abstract!!! I am planning to copy some of it to get my abstract juices going!lol! I did a papermache horse, I used a country pattern of dishes and it turned out really cool!! I thought that sealing the grout with grout sealer would protect it outside but the grout cracked so I hauled it back inside.

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Think she's just a reproduction. But even if she wasn't, I can't help myself. She needs a make over! You copy all you want calamity. To get started I had to look at others too. Didn't know where to start. But was easy after I got going.
Will add pictures along the horses path. Gotta go get started on her. Later, Cathy

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Gorgeous mosaic ! ( clap clap )
Love that horse!

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