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dejaJuly 3, 2007

if you were painting a floor cloth for a cottage style sun room what would you paint on it?

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Roses! Hi Deja, I'm not a good one to answer your question because I'm a roseaholic! LOL

At Michael's I saw a book that was all about floorcloths, you might look for it to get some great ideas.

I think you could do many things. I love the look of ivy too. Guess it just depends on the other decor in the room and your personal preferences.

Hope you will share a pic with us when you finish it.


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I think I'd maybe go with a stripe in varying shades of whatever colors you are using. I see those in a lot of cottage style homes. Or if you are doing a more "cottage by the sea" look, anything beachy. I think the roses would also look wonderful in a cottage setting if you want a soft romantic look.
Luvs is right though, without knowing your decorating preferences it's hard to give a suggestion. Good luck! ~Anj

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Here is a gallery of floor cloths; might inspire you.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor cloths

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