here's the genie bottle I recently did...

aka_strawberrygoatFebruary 11, 2009

yeah, a finished

I started this thing in mid November, when I had that friend's daughter and her 14 year old son, Zachery, staying with me for a few weeks....

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OHMYGRACIOUS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought NT's was fabulous, and now THIS. If this doesn't jerk my chain and make me want to get back to work NOTHING will. BECKY, this is the most delicious thing I've seen in a LONG time. Woooooohooooooo! What a bottle. Prize winning to be sure. Did you add the handle and spout to a regular bottle? Instructions, please. I LOVE this piece. You are sooooo talented. The beads - YES MA'AM. What a knockout.

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I had to come back and look at this beauty again. I soooooooo love this gorgeous wonder. Those beads really make it sassy.

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well, thankyou so much...I had a blast putting it together.
it started out from a simple little salad dressing cruet...
I did a lot of addition to the whole thing.
yeah, I added the handle, made from duct tape and the 3 balls, for the top part from tin foil, smashed into shape, with portland clay over it, for the smoothness..

it was a long process, cuz of all the drying times, between clay, paint, glue, redoing it and then one day, it was ready to finish up..
I actually like it,
it fits in with my love of this part of the waterlands...
I've decided it's best for the genie to remain inside, cuz if he gets out and grants me my 3 wishes, then there would be little to look forward
I will just keep it, as is..knowing there's always 'more out there, with no need to stress about it'
this is my 'false security'
I'm really happy that it sparks any inspiration, for you, out of it...

both sides are very different and the shells, sea glass, little rocks and agates are from my favorite little tiny beach, up on the canal, my grandson calls "the crazy beach" because when I used to take him with me and showed him what we were looking for...he caught on and was thrilled to find so many pieces..he was 3 at that time...he would say "this is crazy gramma"..then, when he kept finding more and more...he said "this is a crazy beach!!"
it's a 45 minute drive but I still do go there and have promised him a trip, soon...he still remembers, as recent as last Sunday, when we were at a pizza birthday party..he brought it up..."gramma, when are you going back to the crazy beach?"..a 7 year old

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yes, I added the handle, right after getting the tape all over it, for an idea of where I was going with it..
I'll post some pictures here, of the steps to what I ended up with....

the inspiration genie bottle.....

it had been sitting on the fireplace mantle for a while and along about the time the challenge happened, figured that's what I was going to aim for...

up until then, it was just a little incense burner, with no just sat

once I got the bottle I thought I could transform, I started to visualize it, like the little brass thing...

it's just a Good Season's Salad Dressing cruet bottle, I got for a dime, at some sale....

next, the transformation, a step at a time......

now, I was thinking about the handle for it and to fill in the spout was too much like a tea pot, so I needed to add a bit of tape, to make it more flat across the spout....

it's made from a folded bunch of duct tape and attached with more

next comes the first layer of grout/adhesive...sanded, for a bit of durablity...

beginning to build up the top of the bottle, with tin foil, scrunching it into a form, times 3...

and also adding more of the tape, to level out the flat part, across the spout...

each of those steps, were pretty much an evening each..I worked in it, goofed around, went back to it...mulled it over more and did a bit more on

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*******geez, please disregard all the Rx's on the desk, I mean, really!******
I never notice things like that, till it's posted, again and a second
and the messy 'filing system' I have

however, the roses on the computer screen were some that my mom painted in her glory days of porcelain painting...
that one was painted in the 80''s on a china tile..

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Girlie - I'd love to see how you'd work w/a giant piece of clay. This is absolutely amazing. 'course, after I saw your first challenge here - I think NT was the lucky lady who got it - I shouldn't be surprise. You are some kind of artist to think like this. You did a fantastic job of molding that piece, and I sincerely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I wonder if I could do that - probably - but not sure I'm brave enough now cuz there's a pedestal to my outside sink waiting in line. Thanks for the tutorial - awesome talent you have.

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aka_strawberrygoat's both a gift and a curse, cuz I don't see things for just what they are..there are always 'alternatives' to nearly everything.
a trip to a thrift store is very, very difficult..
I can be looking for a simple thing, like a bowl..
it never looks like a's a mushroom cap, to sit on the fireplace hearth, or a mosaiced ice cube server, a base for clay, to sit sideways, for a round scene, with a base, for it to sit on and look into a 'window winter, or spring, or summer or even autumn scene'...
a potential concave 'wreath', with manmade 'snow', with
reindeer, bells around the round edge, with cedar branches and twigs....
it's supposed to be a dammed simple bowl on the shelf, for cryin' out loud..but as soon as I see morphs!
it's not just a happens to so many really does make my mind crazy, some times.
it's both annoying and entertaining but the ideas don't just stop, as soon as I leave the store..
it's like a train wreck at times.
I actually have to take a note book with me, so I can get ideas down and can just leave it alone..
I think I mentioned that once, having to do with not being able to sleep at night.
ideas start to crop up...dreams are a gets complicated.
hence, the Rx' (laugh, but true).
the bottle is only a hint. I don't/can't do intricate..well, yes I can but won't/can't take the time to do intricate,cuz I am a perfectionist, with a lazy flair.
geez, I'm hoping I'm not giving a negative impression, for mentioning
some friends and family have made mention of the word "loopy" around me..lovingly, I think..
here's a few more pictures of the fun I had with the bottle..

this one is sitting in a tray, with some of the actual sea glass, shells, metal finds and junk from the shore, along Hoodsport, on inner Puget Sound.

and this brings you right up to the ones submitted for
the challenge...

and yes, you're right..the first exchange was the frying pans, where mine went to NT...
I got in trouble, while cleaning the grout off of that pan..I had it with me, when I went to court with a friend, on a district citation..
I was sitting in the front row, waiting for him and had a chop stick, using it to get into tiny areas, to get the grout out...
during court, the judge stopped and said "mam, you need to either leave the courtroom or put what you have could be considered a 'contraband weapon' in here..
so, I just stuffed it in my baggy bag, for crafts and sat out the rest of court.

the moss on the edge of that pan was from the Skokomish Indian Reservation..I was up in the hills, where it's all natural Indian land and natives gather reeds and grasses for their basket weaving. it's a culturally rich area.
that's over where the 'crazy beach' is, that my grandson calls it.

I love and appreciate art work that people do, with precision and intricacy...
my feelings and emotions don't fit into that arena.I feel more loose and out of bounds. possibly because I have so many things that I worry about...I dunno..
but I sure would love to 'get out of Dodge' for awhile...
I need to 'decompress'. be a bona-fide beach bum for a few days!


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BECKY: You and I w/be dynamite together - a real sight to see. I do the same thing - always altering EVERYTHING. I soooo identify w/most of what you say about yourself. We were talking about that "wish I could turn it off" thing at the workshop. Welcome to the artistic world of crazy people. They were saying the same thing. I say it all the time to myself. Doncha just LOVE us?!

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lol...yeah, but I'm a slipper, in a closet full of steel toes!

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Wow, what a great transformation. You had real insite to make it what it turned out to be. It's very over the top,

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