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emagineerAugust 7, 2008

I was searching for pallets and came upon the "Tiny House Blog". With the post about micro houses I thought you would enjoy the many links he has. A wealth of information. I also ran a search on Tiny House Blog and came up with dozens of sites specifically about small homes. In the past a search for small homes was primarily real estate ads, so this was a huge and welcomed surprise.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny House

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Seeing these blogs, and websites, especially the one for the Park Models, really made me appreciate our little 50's cottage that is roughly 730 sq. ft. We've been working on making our little place more energy efficient.

Where we live, a lot of the wealthy people are only here during the 'season' for a week or so at a time. The rest of the time the mausoleums sit empty. They tear down nice homes from earlier times and fill the land with a place that fills the entire property. It's really awful.

I'm glad to see these smaller places being made for 'normal' people who don't want to be in debt. The larger the place, you have to spend more money to furnish and decorate, not to mention heating/cooling, etc.


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Flower, there has always been so little info on smaller homes. I was really pleased to find this blog. Many on our forum have tried to find plans for smaller homes and they seemed to be the same old thing. This link had bunches of options and tells me there really is a beginning to smaller.

I'm in a 50s cottage too, 1100 sq ft. This is enough for me to take care of and the extra rooms are used for a son that comes home every couple of months, plus an art room. A garden big enough to love and keep me busy. Anything larger would really hit my budget for upkeep, etc. Even with small I worry about the utilities. The smaller I go, the smaller I believe would be quite comfortable and wouldn't have a problem with looking for such if the market was viable. There is more to a home than being big.

I'm in the same situation as you are. A beautiful neighborhood that began with a mix of smaller homes which marched up to larger ones surrounding a historic hotel/golf course which still retains it's beauty and business. Just had the US Open here with 1500 people attending. They bussed them in, so we didn't have traffic issues.

Sadly, as soon as a small home is up for sale (usually 2 or 3 together), the land is bought up and 5,0000 sq. ft homes are built. This happens primarily when owners die, most in this area have owned the original homes their whole life.

I currently have 5 homes nearby for sale. The one next door is owned by a lady in her late 90s, then an empty house after an older lady died last year. It wouldn't surprise me if someone showed up and wanted my land if the house next door became empty. 3 of the other homes are on a couple of acres and if bought would be torn down. There is no reason to tear these homes down, they could easily be updated. People just don't want the land, they want the big house.

The homes usually don't sell until there is enough land to buy together. Mainly due to the amount of work needed on them and this is an expensive area of town. They look wonderful, are historic in their own right, well kept on the outside, but have done nothing to the interiors. But the land is gold here.

I usually head to garage sales and get to go inside to wander around looking at the furniture. The interiors are all dated, nothing has ever been done although taken care of. There are also beautiful homes which have been restored (thankfully), craftsman, 50s/60s extreme designs and Sears style. Many different sizes as far as sq ft. The mansions ruin this period style and the georgous neighborhood. They just don't fit.

I should take some pics of the area soon. We have shared this destruction so many times, may be worth "seeing" our discussions. And I wonder if those that live in large homes ever visit this forum. Wonder what they think of us. Not that it matters, just curious regarding differences.

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Emagineer ~ * I wonder if those that live in large homes ever visit this forum. Wonder what they think of us.*

Maybe some visit out of curiosity. Some would be aghast at the size of our homes. I visit the forum of big homes and feel uncomfortable there with all of the constantly redecorating, buying new this and that, in homes that are over-sized. Everyone trying to keep up with the latest trend, etc. Our whole little cottage would be the size of some of their walk-in closets or foyers. : -)

I'm glad to see more people posting in here. Hopefully it will grow and people will show pictures of their homes, yards, etc. We all need inspiration.

You are so right about the mansions ruining older, gorgeous neighborhoods.


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we are in process of building(hopefully will be in by the end of october). our living area is approx 1500 square foot. the house looks larger because of porches and the roof line. I haven't posted pics on the building a home forum simply because we don't 'fit' there,lol. our house will be very simple and we get excited over seeing how much money we can save by finding clearance and yard sale buys rather than how much we can spend,lol.

I live in east texas and a very rural area, but, even here the trend is to these big, honkin' huge homes. They aren't families either in the most case but empty nesters like hubby and I. I just don't get it...but, that is ok,lol. I don't get a lot of things!!! By the way...I love it here on the smaller homes forum! y'all are my kind of people!
here is a link to our build:

Here is a link that might be useful: lizzies home

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