THIS is the official sign-up Xmas Ornament Exchange post!

FlamingO in ARJuly 7, 2001

This is the official sign up sheet and the rules for the Xmas Ornament Exchange. We are going to have an exchange of multiple ornaments. We will be working in groups of 12, so everyone will need to paint 12 ornaments. So far we have 14 people signed up, and one person will do 2 exchanges if we need her to, (that's kelli). So that makes 14 or 15. We need to work in 12's, so when we get to 24 or 36 signed up, we will cut off there, depending on the date. What will we do if we get a really odd number? I'll deal with that if it happens! Something else for me to worry about! I may have to go out and enlist painters to join up, so tell all your painting friends to sign up for this, will ya?!) Once we get to 24, I'll do a name drawing so I can tell you who's in your group of 12.

All ornaments will be mailed to me, along with a written paragraph about yourself, which I will duplicate and include one with each ornament, so we can all learn more about the person who took the trouble to paint an ornament for us. If you want to write your own up on the computer and print it out so there are 12 little sheets, that would save me doing it, but if you don't, I will, it's not a big deal. I will divvy the ornaments up, one each from your group of 12, so you will get back one of yours and 11 more from 11 different artists. (I know you're going to ask why am I mailing mine away and getting one of mine back? This is so I don't get too confused, I'm sure we could do it a different way, but we take the risk of damaging my little brain! So please just go along with me on this, OK?)

Also, you will need to put about $5 in the box, to cover the price of redistribution. Figure on what ever it will cost you to mail it to me in Arkansas, that's what it should cost to mail it back to you, assuming no one paints on lead!

Some of our artists are Canadian (5, so far), and have asked about a Canadian exchange. If you would like to do just a Canadian exchange, I would respectfully suggest that you guys get together and pick a host for that one, and do it independently of this one. I would like to urge you to stay in this exchange though, for I, like many others, would be thrilled to have ornaments from across the border. *please please please, begging like a puppy dog*

Dates- All ornaments must be mailed to me by Nov. 1st. Figure a week at the most to get to me, a few days for me to repackage them and print up the blurbs, and a week to get back to you, we should all have our new ornaments by Thanksgiving easily (late Nov., tree trimming time!)

I will post in the first reply the names of the people that I have already signed up. You guys are now officially committed to the exchange, unless I hear differently, OK??? There will be follow-ups posted I'm sure, reminders, etc, and if anyone wants to share with us little teasers or clues on what they are making, feel free! Later on I will email you my address, so you can mail your box to me.

This should be fun, let's get some more people signed up, and get to painting our ornaments, once we decide what to do!

Thanks for all the input, you guys.

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FlamingO in AR

So far we have signed-up the following people:
Carol S.
Kathy M (Canada)
kelli (Canada)
Mary Sue
Penny (Canada)
Tammieruth (Canada)
Tammy (Canada)

If any of you have changed your mind, please let me know.
Anyone else who wants to sign up should post a reply!


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I would like to sign up for the ormnament exchange.
Kim Breland

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I would LOve to sign up for the exchange.....

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I'm up for either exchange. If there are more Canadians and we need to seperate, I will go either way.
Also I would be willing to help with the Canadian exchange if no one else wants to be the host. I would only ask for some assistance. Might be easier for the shipping costs.
Let me know.
Tammy G.

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I am already signed up but for you 'odd number' question...Say you get 35 people including me signed up, that would be almost 3 full exchanges. But one would be short. I would send you 2 dozen ornaments, shipping costs for both and get 2 dozen back, so I would be 2 people really. Geez, that would come in handy when I have to make the ornaments.LOL I hope I am not confusing you. I am really looking forward to seeing what kinds of things I get back.

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FlamingO in AR

I have 4 more people to add to the list-
Mary Ann

We now have 18 plus 2 willing to do an extra dozen and be in 2 exchange groups if we need them to.

This is getting exciting, guys!

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FlamingO in AR

shamelessly bumping this to the top!

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lolol @ Flamingo and her bumping :)

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I don't want to be left out of this one. Please add me to the list.
Kim :)

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I have never participated in an exchange, but would love to. Add me, please.

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I would love to do this sounds like fun...
Count me in.

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Would love to join your ornament exchange.

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This ornament exchange seems interesting. Question? Do you do any type ornament you want, do they all have to be the same pattern? If you could just give me a little more info, I might be interested. auntmike

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FlamingO in AR

We still need 2 more people, so ttt!

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Hey add me to please, I would love to. I make ornaments every year for everyone I know and I think it would be cool to get some in return for a change. If when you are done and you are short a person, let me know, I will do two okay.


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FlamingO in AR

OK, people, we only need 1 more! Then I think we'll cut it off, so we don't end up with just a few in the 3rd batch, causing me a indigestion! This will fun, an even number will make it easy on everyone.

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Okay i'm in. I'm canadian eh!! LOL But yes i'm very interested. Let me know what i have to do to make me official.

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FlamingO in AR

OK, we have our 24th artist, all joined up and ready to paint. This exchange is now closed, because I don't know if we could get 12 more in time. Please don't fret if you were unable to get into this one, I think we'll do a different one later if this one goes smoothly! Maybe a spring one.

Thanks, everyone, for signing up.

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Just wanted to touch base. Will you be sending your address via email. What is the official final list of names?
Tammy G.

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FlamingO in AR

OK, I got off my butt and emailed y'all! thanks for the jumpstart...

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Hello Everyone.

Please add my email addess to your list for next year. I'm not busy and would not have enough time to get these done for this year. I think this is a great idea. Mary H

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Sorry I didn't see this one..again is it to late to sign up for the exchange this year? I'd love to be involved. Thank you

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Hi, I would be intrested in your exchange, but I have one stupid question, as I have never seen anything like this before...What type of ornaments does it need to be? Ceramics, plaster, crocheted? Does it matter? I live in Germany right now (hubby is in the Army) but shipping is the same as in the US since you would be sending it to an APO address. Sorry if this is toooooo dumb!!
Thanks for your help

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is it too late to sign up?

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I guess I missed this years exchange..but I would be interested in future ones......I am from Australia...and will tell all my painting friends about this one..sounds like a fabulous idea...I would love to recieve some ornaments from the other side of the world from like minded people....

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FlamingO in AR

Sorry Kellylou, this exchange is in the mailing to me for redistribution stage already, and we have 24 people participating in it, which was our goal number, so yes, this exchange is closed, Sorry!

That doesn't mean you couldn't try to start your own one up, but I'll leave that to you. We wanted to have our ornaments all returned by U.S. Thanksgiving time, so we can enjoy them for a good long holiday season, that's why it's over with now.

Thanks for all your interest, and in case anyone thinks I've ignored all the previous posts, I haven't, I emailed them all directly in order to let this post fall...

Debbie, debglasses, keep an eye out here next summer, that's when we'll post about another exchange, if someone wants to host one.... I suppose we should wait and see how this one turns out before commiting to one then, though. So far, it's looking good...

Thanks everyone!

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Hi All in the exchange!!

I've been working on mine slowly:) Must take my time and make them beautiful, lol:) I hope to finish this weekend.
Anyone else almost done?

In California

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Hi Karen,
Mine are mailed and received, can't wait to get my package! It is like Christmas morning......... Putting the Christmas tree will be great this year as I have been in a couple exchanges, and love everything. Enjoy painting.

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wow dawn your ahead of me:)This is too fun!


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I sure missed this one. I sure hope y'all enjoy your ornies

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Mine are on the way too!! I was sweating bullets with the time a tick tocking away,,, lol. I can't wait to see how everyone likes them.

Paint Drop Hugs!

    Bookmark   October 31, 2001 at 9:42PM
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