Charmo is peed-offf!!! Paper towell mess!

charmoFebruary 28, 2009

Grrr! I am so peed-off at myself! As if I didn't know this would happen. Anyhow, I had just finished a big 2 paned window with glass to glass. I had done my cat and flowers and sky. All that was left to do was grout. So anyhow, I start cleaning the glass with acetone, and oh yeah, the blonde in me, decided to use a paper towel to do, the paper towell of course tore up in tiny pieces in between my then I started cleaning that and I had to pry off some of the glass because I couldn't get some of the paper towell off. So now what else could go wrong you say...yep, that's right, one of the window pane the one with the cat on it, broke right across from top to I pried off as much glass as I couldto save it, I still have most of my fingers, but I am in some mood...grrrr.

OK, now ladies, who can beat that for dumbest thing...

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Uh - let's see now - I could come up w/a long list of things I've done, but it would be too long a message. Do you want someone to say some ugly words for you? Bless your heart. I can just imagine how frustrating that was. Betcha you'll end up salvaging it, and come up w/something even better than you planned. Go get'em, CHARMO.

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Darn. It must have been awful. To have put that much into a project. I think we all had a moment where we have had that awful feeling in the pit of our stomachs. But since you must finish this, so we can see it, how about a piece of new glass or plexi. Or maybe a suncatcher dangling in the missing frame.

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I'm told it's all a part of the "growing" process.
Never pleasant at the time, but as the ladies before me have said it will grow into something unexpected and wonderful.

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Charmo, I feel for Ya. We've all been there once or 10 times! At least I have! I always say it's not a real screw up unless it can't be fixed. And usually if you think long and hard enough you can come up with a way to fix it...hang in there . Darn those growing pains! Let us know what ya come up with..Good luck!! Cathy

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Okay...I'll TOP that!!! I had just finished a nice copperfoil glass pc I designed myself, a thistle, with bevels around it...I wanted to see what it looked like in the window...well didn't I DROP it!!! Smooshed up a corner, breaking the bevel...and I wasn't into fixing it, as I do a "signature"!(I just love how it finishes a pc!) twisted lead came around it that is soldered to the copperfoil Reeeally well! AND I've dropped it again since then!!! Grrrr!!!!

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Oh, you gals! I'm so sorry to hear these tales! I hope your piece is ok now, Charmo. And Calamity, well, you've just got to slow down. Now, I can say that, but I know it'll never happen. I've MET you now! Tell me friends, does this look like a gal that should be walking around with stained glass? (giggle)


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Oh Daisey!!!lol!!! What fun we had in Mexico!!! I should be facing that beautiful wall and hugging it!!!ha! But then I'd look like I was breakin' the Law, not glass!!hee ho!

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Oh so sorry to hear it broke.. that's why I am so afraid to do many more windows... I have about 40 or 50 big windows, mostly one huge pane and if all that energy is put into it, then it breaks... yikes...
Daisy.. cute pic!!!

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Calamity, I just couldn't resist. And I had a choice of TWO pictures I could a' used. LOL

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