My kids summer camp picture

kraftylady23July 17, 2008

I teach kids all year long and have a summer camp program too. Here is one of the pictures that they did. I am so proud of them and this is what teaching is all about.

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Wow, you've got some real talent there! They all look so good. Fun how they all look just a little different. You must be an awesome teacher! It really shows when the teacher enjoys the teaching! Kudos. ~Anj

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Wow! They did a great job, and that doesn't look like an easy thing to paint at all! You should be proud, you are teaching them something that may give them lifelong pleasure. ;o) Luvs

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And 'WOW' again!! Animals are not an easy subject to paint, they all did a wonderful job!

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Wow! So lovely! My DD loves painting, too. What¡¯s the summer camp? I want DD join it, too. I have a plan this coming summer vocation, making sure to strike a balance between work and rest for my DD. I have found the work part; DD¡¯s teacher recommended a website to me. She said its summer session was great. She can do math and reading worksheets on it. And painting is definitely the rest part! So DD can prepare for the next grade level in fall while she¡¯s having fun in the summer camp. Again, wonderful job!

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