Chicken eyes

posiehJuly 21, 2008

I have a couple chickens that are almost life size to sit in my garden (a roaster & a hen), I've painted them white with some gray streaks for feathers but I can't seem to get their eye looking right. Does anyone have a pic I could follow? Would appreciate it.

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Gosh Posieh, I guess none of us know how to help with this. I'm sure there MUST be chickens in one of my painting books, but offhand I can't think of one. You might check the books on to see if you can find one. I think they just have small round eyes, nothing too unusual. How about a search on Google for chickens? Maybe just looking at pics of a couple of real ones would help. Good luck with your project. Luvs

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I just read that chickens' eyes are huge. The perimeter of the eye is oval but the iris is all a yellowish gold color with big black least that's the way they appeared in a photo.

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I just dropped in this Forum to see what Luvs is up to here, LOL. Saw this post and thought immediately of
I get all kinds of info there on everything under the sun.
Here's the link to chicken eyes and such.


Here is a link that might be useful: chicken eyes

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Hi Karen, You are always so sweet and helpful--the first thing on that page is a big chicken eye! LOL Hope Poseih comes back to see this. Luvs

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Most of that link wasn't worth the time, but there were a couple of photos of chicken eyes. I use eBay a lot for info like this too. Type in chicken, in the art category, and probably lots of examples will come up that would help.
Since I am artistically challenged, LOL, I need all the help and info I can get most of the time.


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