My first Tole Paintings

paintingfoolJuly 1, 2009

Don't these look funny? I keep them in my little studio to remind myself that I have progressed over the years. These are my very first tole paintings from 1982. I had no idea what I was doing and had never heard of Tole. After six weeks of painting I started canvas painting and I still have my first which I will drag out of storage one day and post a pic. I use to think you had to purchase every brush the teacher would use in a project until one day I purchased a really expensive one and never used it again. It took me a while to realize that they did this in order to make a sale. DUH!!!

Anyway, it is fun to look back. The little daisy is the first, then strawberries and then lemons. The flash over the varnish makes everything look brighter and flatter and there are scratches and something red from a marker on one I think.

Got any first time paintings you want to show??

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Gal, you have talent--even your first attempts are better than what I could do now! You've made allot of improvement in your lettering, but even back then your shading and hilighting and your leaves looked really good. ;o) I'll have to dig out a couple of my first projects too. Mine were much simpler than your's--just a little house and some cutout farm critters! I've given away many of the things I made back then. Luvs

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We must be on the computer at the same time. Look how thick my squigglys are! I didn't care how they looked, I was so proud of them when I first hung them in my kitchen. I didn't know anything then but I always had good drawing skills and shading with a pencil came naturally to me but painting was a whole different thing.

I have been checking through my blog list to see what everyone is doing, not a lot of painters with blogs yet but a lot with victorian, cottage, and vintage themes. I think I am getting addicted to this!

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I love to see what others are painting too. I've found a few painting blogs. Maybe we should share in case you have found some I haven't and vice versa. Here's a few of mine:http:

Seems like I had a couple more, but will have to look for them. Not all of these gals paint all the time, some make other craft items as well. And I think all of them are just the victorian, shabby chic, etc. style.


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For your first paintings, I think they turned out great also. Sometimes it seems like some of my first are better than my present cuz I use to follow patterns. LOL

Luvs, I'll have to remember to come back and look through the blogs you've posted, when I have time. Thanks.


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Bebe~ Your first attempts look as good as what I do now. I don't have any of my first attempts to show. I'm self taught so there was no shading or highlighting....just flat paint, but I had so much fun doing it. I remember we did this pumpkin at a church group and I made one of the ladies there do the eyelashes and the curly cues. ha It was the simplest little thing. I know I've progressed from then, but I still have a long way to go.
My aunt just sent me a very neat painting that she did for me. She just started painting a few years ago and she does landscapes. She has really impressed me. I'm so glad to have one of her paintings. Doesn't matter when you start or how you progress as long as you are having fun doing it right?

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You might find this blog fun to look at. She does mostly canvases, but it's fun to read how she looks at things for inspiration.

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hey bebe ... i agree with all of them... your first paintings look awesome to me! the strawberries look good enough to eat! my first paintings were no way near this :) yea... i have loads of brushes too but use only that few. and sometimes when the teacher said to use a certain brush , it just dun suit me ... i'll revert to the brushes that i like :) the teacher will look at me weird! :)

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I remember those first days of painting with the daisy,
strawberry, and lemon-LOL. I had no drawing skills ( and still don't) so the tracing paper and step-by-step helped me a lot. I did get quicker tho' and by the end of time I took lessons, I always did 2 of everything in class. We were starting crafts shows, and I could sell the second one! Pricilla Hauser was the tole artist to look up to at that the mid 70's.

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I remember my grade school days. We have a project doing a tole painting. I admire all your work because I really want to make one for me but I really don't have the talent in doing so. Thanks for sharing.

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