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paintingfoolJuly 27, 2009

I am exhausted!! I am such a homebody that I get homesick anytime I leave my roost. But I had a wonderful time painting with Peggy Harris (www.peggyharris.com) and for the life of me I can't remember the names of the other teachers. I painted the goldfish with Peggy, a calla lily in acrylic and one in oils, and I was suppose to paint with Delane Lange but got bumped. I was the last one to sign up and she didn't bring enough projects to paint so I volunteered to give up my seat (she is sending me a packet with the wood). I really wanted to take the class but several of the ladies seemed upset so I decided to give it up. I bought a lot of little things and several packets. We had an auction with the money going to the Decorative Arts Museum and it was great to see all the paintings donated for the auction. Johnnie Lilidahl donated one of her old world paintings of a little girl and it went for $3,300.00 which was nice but the painting should have been for more.

I didn't see anything new but I did purchase wood ornaments, wind chimes, tea boxes, metal keys, and a few brushes to add to my collection. There was a lot of rusty metal items on the sales floor and books galore. I didn't have the patience to go through them. It was fun just to see all the items that were painted. The drive for me was 8 hours but it went by fast. One of the ladies that went with us talked the whole way.

We had a younger (41) lady join us there and she is fairly new at painting - she was so excited and it just made you feel good to see that. Then, on the flip side, one of the ladies was in pain from a back injury and she felt everyone was so mean to her - which wasn't the truth, everyone was so nice and accommodating even when she snapped at us or made sarcastic remarks. That made me want to go home right away but I couldn't. However, I would have to think twice before going again with a group of ladies.

As soon as I get unpacked, I will start adding pictures to the post.

Missed not talking to yall and I know you would have loved going.


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It sounds like you had a great time in spite of the "pain in the back!"

Can't wait to see what you paint, and thanks for posting a new site to check out.


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Bebe, I've been anxiously waiting for you to get back from your trip! So glad that you had a good time (for the most part) Sorry you missed the Delane Lange class, but you are such a good painter, I'm sure you will not have any problems doing the project when she sends you the wood. ;o) I have one of her books, and a video on painting roses--both from back in the 80's. I may have the Peggy Harris goldfish project in one of my painting mags, I'll have to look for it again. I'll be eagerly waiting for any pics you might post. You are right, hard to have a whole group that are fun to be with--next time maybe you can just go with your best painting buddy and let the others go on their own! ;o)


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Glad you are safely home. I'll be looking forward to seeing your projects. It is to bad that you didn't get to paint with Delane Lange. I have several of her books and like her paintings.

Sounds like you'll have a lot of things to paint on and it will be great to see what you come up with. So glad that most of your time was enjoyable. I'll bet it was fun to see and hear the excitement from a newbie at a place like that. I'm sure I would be overwhelmed at a conference like that and would never shut up.

It's to bad that some people just have a hard time being pleasant. At our business we tell them they have to treat us with respect or we will not be helping them. It's amazing how they want to be your best friend right away. LOL

I've never heard of Johnnie Lilidahl, so I'll try to check this person out. You were apparently impressed with the painting and I always love what you paint, so hopefully I'll find something on him/her.

Post when you have time. Punk

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wow wow wow!!! sounds like you had a great adventure!! it's so nice to hear you describe your little escapade ... i could see it in my head as i read:)) LOL!!! takes all kinds of ppl to make this world :)) but glad you had a real good time even if it's a little tiring. and you bought so many goodies! this is a nice post :) thanks for sharing your adventure with us :))

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