Me and my very bad, horrible, awful day!

incognitomomMarch 22, 2011

Yesterday was one of those days where I was thinking that people who have no kids are really lucky! LOL

Where to start....with ds. He has had project after project for school lately. He has ADHD, but he is also kind of lazy when it comes to schoolwork. He is very smart, but when something gives him a bit of challange he is ready to throw in the towel and try to get someone else to do it. I have been having him do parts of the projects on his own but it is such a fight. Last night I realized that he is not understanding the book he is reading for a project. It is at his reading level, but I think he is trying to skim instead of read. So I had to make him sit down with me and read a chapter out loud to me and summarize it page by page. He was mad and fighting me every step of the way on it. He was even pretending he could not pronounce easy words because he wanted me to read the book to him. I ended up angry and laying into him about being lazy and trying to get me to do everything for him. Then I called his dad and POOF ds all of a sudden was able to read! That really made me even more ticked off because then it was totally obvious he was trying to push my buttons!! But I didn't show it and we got through a chapter.

Now onto my younger sd. She likes to spend her time sitting around watching tv or reading books. While I am glad she finally enjoys reading she needs to be more active. She is on the shorter side and is getting a little pudgy. Nothing awful, and we eat healthy. But I am afraid if we don't get her more active now then she will have a weight problem soon. So on nice days we have to force her to go outside and do stuff. Yesterday I gave her the choice of riding her bike or taking the dog for a walk. She took the dog out. At the same time ds and ss were bike riding around the neighborhood. They come home to tell me sd (who is 14) is laying in someones yard with our dog!!!!

So when sd got back I asked her about it. She snottily replied "well I was with the dog!". I had to explain to her that people don't appreciate others on their property and ask her when we have had strangers come lay down on our property?? She continued to argue that she took the dog out like I said. So I told her that if I wanted her sitting around I would have let her stay on the couch....but walking the dog means WALKING, not laying in a strangers yard so they could get mad, or even kidnap her! I swear that younger SD lacks normal common sense. She really acted like I was being mean and there was no reason why she couldn't lay in someone elses yard with our dog!

Then fastforward to bedtime. SS goes to bed around 9pm. We have caught him playing his handheld video games in bed so we make him put them in our bedroom when he goes to bed each night. Hasn't been a problem in weeks. So last night when he went to bed I did not pay attention to if the game was on my dresser. At 11pm I was going to bed and I checked on all the kids. His bedroom door was shut partially, so I pushed it open and there was ss laying in bed playing his video game!!! He looked up at me with shock on his face...he totally knew he was busted. I am thinking that this went on the night before as well because he was like a zombie getting up for school yesterday. So I took his video game and told him it was now mine and he could forget about playing ANY video game/computer games in our house until further notice.

The only child who behaved yesterday was older sd!

I love all our kids...but yesterday was just one of those days!! And here I am pregnant thinking "what am I doing to myself!" LOL

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ahahahahaha!!!! Have you ever read this book??

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oh my, what a day. sounds fun

By the way if I would let DD to sit on a couch and read she would never get up LOL So I hear you.

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