I feel so alone

Vique_PaJuly 6, 2002

Am I the only one here that is painting? I have been working on two little stools and a tavern sign.

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I think that painting goes in spurts. I did alot several years ago, then did other things. Also I finally sold my house in Cal so am just now getting things organized. Plan to start up again as soon as I find my stuff.

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I used to paint and make crafts daily and then slowed down. Lately I've been painting my walls in my house. I haven't even been to this forum in FOREVER! I guess I agree with the last poster, painting comes and goes in spurts! I guess you just get worn out. And to think that my family thinks I should open a little craft business! I would go broke at this point if I was doing that!


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Hey Vique. This is Lulie from The Kitchen Table. No, you are not alone. I hope you see this. I was just reading through some of the threads and I am very interested in doing the trompe l'oeil painting techniques. I have been planning on painting a trellis around a large window and making it look 3-D. Can't wait to finish it, but have to get started first. HA !!
Good to see you here.
Lu from Louisiana

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I agree...disappointed that this forum has been so slow. My modem was fried during a storm so am playing catch up now. I have been busy painting flower pots and wood shelves. Just finished a pants set too..haven't done clothing in some time. Also painted my first canvas sometime ago-wrote about the high cost of framing. It sold! and also received a merit award. Very proud.

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Congratulations Terracotta, you have every right to be proud. Keep up the good work. Vique.

Lulie, it is good to see you again. What a coincidence, I am getting ready to do trompe l'oeil in my kitchen. I wish us both luck. Happy painting. Vique.

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Hi Vique, I paint to. I'm getting ready to start on some wooden boxes that I got at Big Lots. What design are you going to do in your kitchen? Kimberly

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I am doing my kitchen in South West. Want adobe walls with a brick break-a way above the back door done in trompe l'oeil. Going to use a tan for the brick. Will paint in a few vines coming from "outside". Oh, and the adobe will be the pinkish reddish kind.

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