My hard hat - and roses

paintingfoolJuly 13, 2009

I just posted this on my blog but in case you havn't visited me over there I will share it here. We had a really terrible hurricane in 2004 named Ivan. It destroyed about 80% of the building where I worked. Anytime we had to enter the building we had to wear hard hats - which was really gross for me to wear one that had been on someone's sweaty head. So I asked for a new one and they were so nice to give me one. The very first day I had it one of the construction workers asked to borrow it. I removed the foam off the band so it would be easy to clean and sanitize when I got it back. Then I took it home and painted it. It turned out cute and there wasn't another one like it on the military base. And, the guys didn't ask to borrow it again either!! Can't imagine why!

Anyway, I was cleaning off a shelf and there was my hard hat. It was given to me after living through 18 months of torment trying to get our building back together. It was so bad I retired three months after re-opening. Thought you would like to see it.


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Oh you clever, clever girl! Not only that, but your painting looks great! I love the little bee, too.

Men (friends, my son) used to accidentally walk off with my tools all the time. Guys just automatically assume all the tools belong to them, ever noticed that? After I got sick and tired of my tools disappearing all the time, I spray painted the handles of all my tools hot pink. Then later I decoupaged flowers and butterflies all over them and did a little painting on them. I was just practicing decoupage to see if I could do it. Next time my son was over helping me with something, he suddenly looked in his toolbox and exclaimed, almost with disdain, "Wait a minute! This isn't mine!" and tossed MY screwdriver back out of his box. LOL

Thanks so much for sharing with us the prettiest hard hat I've ever seen!

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I know what you mean. I bought a tool cabinet from Sears and had all my tools in it. But they seemed to end up in my husband's or my son's. So I purchased all pink tools and a hammer with flowers on it. If no one is around and they can't find theirs, they will borrow mine but they make sure to give it back. Aren't they the funniest!!

Thanks for the compliment. I don't get to wear my hat anymore but it is fun to look at!

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I did the same thing!! DH kept accusing me of taking his tools, which I didn't. So I went and bought those florescent colored ones. He was looking for his measuring tape the other day and was accusing me so I said....look in my toolbox....they are all MINE!! I don't need your old greasy nasty tools. ha He gave me the funniest look. ha He did borrow my measuring tape, but brought it back to me. =) I love having my own tools. Now he can accuse somebody else.

I love your hard hat Bebe. Very good idea to keep their hands off. Could you imagine the razzing they would have gotten for wearing that. ha You could probably sell it on ebay. My SIL is in construction and she'd probably like something like that. ha


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That is a good idea, I had a lady on my blog the other day say she had to go into construction sites a lot and would love a painted one - I always got nice compliments when I wore it. I remember one day one of the bosses came in to my work with a nice tailored suit on. He couldn't go into the site without a hat so he had no choice but to use mine - we laughed so hard as he skipped out of the building singing "I'm so pretty - I'm so pretty". Some guys have such a good sense of humor.

Anj, I paint on everything. Years ago I drove all the way to New Orleans (4 hours) to get a palette knife from Italy that I wanted badly. I loved that knife. I decided to go paint with Priscilla Hauser in Destin, Florida for a week. She was very nice and pointed out my painting on several occasions. On the very last day we took a break and went outside on the porch - during that time someone decided I must have a magic palette knife and stole it. When I discovered it gone soon after, I was in tears. Priscilla was very angry and asked for the knife to be returned - of course, no one returned it but she went into her paint box and found a brand new knife that was similar to mine and gave it to me. I appreciated it so much but it wasn't the same. Now I paint the ends of my brushes and the whole handle of my knife in bright fuschia in hopes if it comes missing again I will be able to see it. I also put them in my painting tote if I leave the room and I never leave my tote in the room overnight. I just never thought anyone would do such a thing - and I hope the darn knife broke the first time she tried to use it ---oh, that wasn't a nice thing to say, was it. I hope it gave her the same kind of pleasure it gave me and made all her paintings beautiful. How's that??

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Love your hat, Bebe, and your wonderful sense of humor! All these tool stories are making me chuckle. Only thing I have done similar was when I needed a case to carry my painting stuff along in the motor home. DH used to buy bags for his work everytime he'd see a new one he liked! There was one sitting in the shed all dusty from being out there for months if not years, so I asked him if I could have it to hold my painting stuff. He said "sure, I'm not using it." I proceeded to paint roses on it as well as my name. When he saw it, he said "Well, I guess I won't ever be using that bag again!" LOL


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Cute hard hat, I LOVE IT! Bet that guy that wore it looked stunning in it while singing I'm So Pretty. When I was a mentoring supervisor and had to wear a hard hat at the plant, one of the guys found out I was a Roush so ordered me in a Roush Racing hard hat. I never had to worry about any one else taking mine. It was a spendy one of a kind.

Luvs, you did that brief case a favor. It's beautiful now. I'm sure we are impressed more than DH but I'll bet deep down he's proud of your results. He probably had to many if it was out in the shed collecting dust. haha

It was fun to come here tonight after a long day and read your posts. Thanks, Punk

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Luvs, this is really pretty. I love the colors of the roses. You always paint so pretty. I don't have a briefcase anymore but if I did I would paint it too. I still have to paint my rolling painters tote. Maybe, if I have time, I will do it before I leave for Houston.

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments.

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That's a gorgeous hat. It's a very nice idea I would adopt it and apply to my laptop bag too. Thank you so much for sharing.

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