Soapstone or honed virginia mist?

ktj459May 14, 2014

I am stuck between these two gorgeous countertop choices. We will have off-white inset cabinets and off-white crackle subway tile. I LOVE soapstone (green eyes is my favorite with julia being a runner up), but I don't know that I can justify the extra 1200 it would cost to get it, especially considering that it is very likely we will only be in the house 5-10 years. It could end up being more permanent, but that's the plan for now. When I look at the facts, I think the virginia mist is the better choice. It won't scratch, which is a big factor with a toddler and a husband who is rough on surfaces, and it is a bit more neutral so I can bring in color with the things I own and wall color. I really do think the virginia mist is stunning, but then I pass the M Texiera headquarters on my way to the house we are renovating and it makes me question my resolve! If I knew that we would stay in this house for 30+ years I would go for soapstone, but I wonder how it will impact resale if we do sell in 5-10 since I think the majority of people are not well informed or have been misinformed about soapstone. Opinions?

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Kelly Ryan

If you love soapstone, I say go for it. I don't think the extra cost knowing you'll be there at least 5-10 years, maybe more, is unreasonable at all.

However, I have leathered Virginia Mist and I LOVE it. I've only had it for about a month so can't comment on longevity but so far, no problems whatsoever. We considered soapstone but I couldnt find a slab I loved right away, and my counter search had already been dragging on far too long.

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How much more is the cost difference really costing you per year for the anticipated 5-10 yrs? Get what will bring a smile every time you see it. Whether that's for the beauty of the stone (me) or the 'deal' you saved (DH).

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Something to consider is what my fabricator said today. Evidently these days every other installation is Soapstone, vs. when we first started to work together and no one had heard of it. They do a high end business in the Wash, DC area. Lots of Georgetown and McMansions out in the burbs.

My point is that when you go to sell, it'll be an excellent selling point. (Wasn't that an interesting sentence?)

Get what you love. You can't live with something you don't love because you maybe will move in 5.
Why do you work? To make money. To do what? Spend it on yourself. Get something you love. You're worth it.

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The love will remain long after the cost is forgotten...

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These decisions are always difficult. And there are so many like this:

The thing you love costs more and it's a little particular to you, or less commonly found (other than on GW). The cheaper, yet still expensive, option is presumably more attractive to a generic future house buyer.

With a possible 5-10 year selling time-frame, but possibly longer in the house, it seems to me that you should just decide if your budget wIll allow you to do what you want in your kitchen --the soapstone. Trends and materials change. We don't really know what your potential buyers will want, other than a well maintained home. If your budget won't push for soapstone, virgina mist seems like a great choice too. But 5-10 years, and possibly longer, is a long time to live with your countertops. So, if you already have issues with this decision....

DH and your toddler will find ways to add loving patina to any and all surfaces!

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I'm getting soapstone.

I was going to leave it at that but I am staying put when I move plus, we have no alternate stone picked out. We were soapstone from the get-go. DH was soapstone before he ever met me (36 years ago). If you know you will be moving, wait for the next house and get what you want then. But what if you don't move? We never know what twists and turns life will bring. What if you are in the same house in 12 years....15 years.....will you have regrets?

The only advice I have is once you make a decision, don't look back. I've seen Virginia mist on GW and it is beautiful. Either one is a winner.

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I had soapstone and loved it and I moved. It was lovely while we had it. Didn't regret having it or leaving it because it was great while it lasted. Totally loved the feel of it and granite does not replace that feeling.....

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They are both gorgeous, and both similar, yet different. I don't think the $1200 should enter the decision, because when your counter is installed you will forget all about that, and adding up the entire cost of your kitchen, the $1200 is not so much. To me, it's more of a "personality" choice. I love love soapstone. But I know with my personality and lifestyle, I don't want to live with it. I don't want to think about whether to oil or not, or to think about patina, or to take time out to buff out scratches. Honed Virginia Mist has the beautiful dark color, and the fairy-dust-sugar sprinkled over it. Yet VM looks and feel like granite, make no mistake. Me, I would rather forego the delicious soft "feel" of soapstone, and its unique look, in favor of the bulletproof nature of VM. That's me. You may feel the opposite, but it is a "personality" decision, since both stones are beautiful.

Take samples of each into your kitchen and see it in your kitchen rather than just how it looks at the showroom or stoneyard. That might help you decide.

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